Raiding - A good show for the new recruits

I have been very excited to raid this week, because not only did I have one new guildie come to the guild last week, but I had TWO MORE who were interested in joining!

I shouldn't get too excited because I might get ahead of myself. Just because I think they were great, doesn't mean that they thought we were great, but I have to admit, we did put on a good show yesterday.

So last week we got Gunnar, the hunter that joined us after doing the Rukhmar guild run.  He seems to be happy being social (though he was from one of the top 3 guilds on the server before but when work changed and he couldn't raid he said that nobody wanted to speak to him anymore) and seemed to fit in nicely because he likes cats... Xyn and Luxy thought that was great.  You know my feeling on cats...

Last week Yuuda told me that there was someone looking for me, about a recruitment post I had sent them.  A holy paladin.  The name was not familiar to me, but they told me where I could find them. I looked them up on armory - it was a holy paladin with similar progress to us.  I was immediately intrigued and went to hunt them down but was unable to find them over the weekend.  However, I was successful on Monday and we had a chat, and she said that she was impressed that I had sent her an ingame mail which was very polite and was wondering if she could come over to our guild - but first wanted to put a low level toon there to see if she liked the feel of the guild.  Of course that would be ok!  I never want people to feel uncomfortable if it's not right for them.

A lot of socials were online when she joined on her alt, and she seemed pleased.  So I was surprised to see that on Wednesday she had already server transferred to Saurfang rather than do a trial, and I quickly invited her to the guild.

In addition to THAT this week, Nok said that he had a RL mate who would like to join and raid, who was a ret paladin on Barthilas with a holy offspec.  He said he was a good guy, nice, decent player and was also friends with Firehybrid/Bleidd.  So had a chat to him, he seemed keen, and so I said he could come and raid with us as a trial on Wednesday.

BIG DAY WEDNESDAY!  Two new people!

So I prepped the officers and so they had a scrutinizing eye on the paladins to see where they were at in comparison to the rest of the raid. And we had a great raid night.

We managed to knock over our 7 farm bosses with only a wipe on Thogar because Hwired called out move to green when we were on green and some people automatically moved to red (including Hwired) and they died.  We also had a DK mis-pull on Kromog so we had to wipe that/reset.  But Flamebender went down easily for once (not like last week), and so did Kromog so it was a pretty good night.  The new guys even picked up some gear!  Kaillynn (our new healer) got a healing 1h weapon, legs and gloves, and Ragnarrock (the ret pally) got a 2H weapon and gloves.  Plenty of tier went out, and for some reason there were no BOEs at all that dropped for the whole raid.  We weren't the only ones - Athanasy complained to me also that they had no BoE's for their whole raid Wednesday night as well.

There were some fun moments last night.  I had a giggle because Nok forgot to tell Ragnarrock not to stand on the hot plate in front of Thogar trash and he died on it.  Falln died also, but he claimed it was to test the healers. I got grumpy at Yuuda because I always let him tranq first and when it was my turn to tranq he said his was up again and he went to tranq and sniped my heals. That's it, he's tranqing LAST next Wednesday!  See how his numbers look then!  Ragnarrock did not die to Oregorger (amazing! I had even taken a bet on it), and Hwired had a tongue tied moment with Nok and Sars, so now Nok has officially been renamed Sock.

Poor Duck though - he has this dreadful habit of speaking constantly and calling out stuff in raid so I had to say to him that he is not allowed to make any calls for DPS, no wipe calls, no target switches or train track moves.  But he can talk for other stuff.  So he ended up not using his mic at all.  It was a very strange quiet raid without Duck talking and saying "Awwww yeahhhhhh" every other boss.

I think the new guys had fun. Hell, I even had fun! I told Rag that he had to transfer over for raid today if he wants to do Maidens, and he said he would.  His DPS wasn't the greatest, but that was probably to do with his gear, and I think as he gears up he will do a lot better.  I'm really pleased with both of them, and so was everyone else I think, so I am thrilled to welcome two new members to the guild.  I hope they like it in Frostwolves!

So, 2 full raid days on Maidens!  I can't think of anything I'd rather do.... except KILL them :D


  1. Seriously?!?! change your last line to read...half a night on maidens!!! LOL POSITIVE!!!!! We were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close last week, and if everyone can keep calm and be cool we will be fine. Getting stressed makes everyone else stressed and then cock ups happen.

    We have it, we just have to perfect it.



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