Now Gnomecore's Liebstered me! Questions round 2!

I got another Liebster, this time from Gnomecore (whose blog I have never read before) and it was actually a fantastic opportunity to go and find a new blog and discover that Gnomecore is actually really interesting! I had a giggle because he nominated The Grumpy Elf, because I could not imagine him participating in this sort of thing (TGE is one of those people who likes to talk about what he wants to talk about, not what other people want him to talk about which makes him all the more interesting IMO).

Anyway, Gnomecore is someone I shall have to visit more often.

Now I'm going to do the questions (because I love answering questions and chuffed someone would choose me), but I won't nominate any more bloggers and I don't want to share anymore personal thoughts about me - you can see my nominations and the 11 things you didn't know about me on my earlier Liebster post.

What was the shortest and the longest time you spent on writing a blog post?
The shortest time would be 5 minutes.  Screenshot posts are easy to write - slap on a picture and publish.  The longest time would be about a week, because I was busy collecting screenshots or information or waiting for a world event.  It actually could be longer because I have so many drafts sitting around in my blog list and by the time I get around to publishing them it could have been easily more than a week.  Or even a month.  Fiction takes longer to write because I have to keep rewriting things, but posts written in extreme emotion tend to come out very quickly.

Name 3 best Race/Class combinations – considering lore, not gameplay.
As I play Horde, my choices will be rather skewed!
Tauren Shaman - with their earth loving nature, and connection to the spirits, I think Tauren shaman are a great example of a "good" shaman.  Good as in not evil, like what those horrible orc dark shamans.
Blood Elf Warlock - With the Sindorei penchant for craving mana and magic, I think warlocks and sacrificing their pets for more powers seems to fit them rather well.
Orc Warrior - That is almost a given, really.  With their warrior like and savage backgrounds, penchants for war and fighting, Orc warriors are ferocious and bloodthirsty and make formidable foes.

Have you ever applied or associated smth. from WoW with IRL situations, people or objects? Tell about the funniest one.
ALL THE TIME! There are so many examples - how I recruit for my guild is similar to how I recruit for work is just one typical example!  But the funniest one was during Pandaria.  For those who know me, I have this obsession with Dark Soil.  And every time I would see a pile of dirt IRL, I would think Dark Soil and even now when I see a pile of dirt, I think Dark Soil.

Which is the most attractive (or sexiest) race in WoW? You may name 2 – for males and females separately.
For males that's easy.  Whatever race Nozdormu is in humanoid form - is that a high elf?  OMG he is drop dead gorgeous.

For females I actually find draenei females very attractive. The bluish skin and the glowy eyes make them so exotic (as well as their horns, tails and hooves) and their general lack of body hair also is rather attractive to me.

How many toons have you deleted throughout your WoW history?
Lots of level 1 toons (that I have used for Navispam).  In terms of ones I have actually levelled past level 5, only one.  My original first toon, which was a Night Elf Hunter (male).  He was just plain ugly and I was ashamed of him because I played like a total idiot and deleting him made me feel better, as if all those past shames were now erased.

Name your personal perfect location to grow old in WoW and IRL.
I would love to have a cottage in Grizzly Hills... except I would need portals to all major cities from my little hut or I'd be hard pressed to get around with my walking stick staff. Ir reminds me of Canada, and though I have never been the Canadian wilderness, I imagine that is what it would be like.  I could hide with the trees there, as a druid, or go bear form with the bears and play with them.
In real life, I think I'd like to be in a big city with good internet so I could still play WoW.  I will still be playing that game, I'm sure, if it was still around.

Name the 3 coolest movies (cartoons) you recently watched.
Guardians of the Galaxy - I love Marvel movies (and cartoons and comics when I was younger) and I had never read the comics of GotG but when I saw the trailers I thought it was going to be stupid.  However, when I watched it, that WASN'T the case and I took my kids along and they also seemed to enjoy it (my daughter moreso than my son). So I put this up there as one that I was "surprised" that I enjoyed.
How to Train your Dragon 2 - So you don't have to be big and burly to be a hero (you can be disabled but also ride a REALLY COOL DRAGON), and fighting for your home and your family is  way more heroic than fighting for the sake of conquest.
Taken  - I hadn't actually seen any of the Taken movies (with Liam Neeson) and when I was at the movies early this year I saw an ad for Taken 3.  I decided I'd better watch the others and I really enjoyed the first one. Liam Neeson was pretty cool in that role.  Action heroes don't always have to be in their 20s!

Imagine you LFG for 5-man Dungeon and all of your party members happened to be celebrities! Tell us which celebrities are they and what toons do they play?
LOL, I tried to pick people whom I thought would be decent at computer games and also fun to play with. Another thing, everyone would be playing Horde!

Ion Hazzikostas - I'd like him to be playing an Orc DK and tanking the dungeon, and if he could tell me the history of this encounter - like, about how they tuned this or tha boss or ability, started with these abilities but thought that wasn't cool etc.  He has a great way of speaking and of waving his hands around, so listening to him as he tanked would be rather cool.

Zoe Saldana - She always plays kickass characters, so I think she'd be really fun to play with. I've seen her with a bow and arrow in Avatar, with a phaser in Star Trek, and also hand to hand in Guardians of the Galaxy, so I think she would be a great hunter or rogue. And playing a troll.

Tom Hiddleston - I have him stereotyped as Loki from Thor but he is such a cool person in interviews, doing his impersonations and he even sang in Tinkerbell's Pirate Fairy.  I think he'd be fun to have in a group, and I'd beg him for an impersonation and MAYBE a short snippet of song. Blood Elf mage for him, I think.

Lady Gaga - I'm not sure she would play games to be honest, and for all her outlandish behaviour and tweeting, she seems really shy to me.  Maybe she could sing a duet with Tom!  Just a little something!! And she would be transmogged outrageously!  I think she'd be playing a Goblin shadow priest - something ranged, she doesn't seem the melee type.

And of course, I'd be healing.  On my Tauren druid. And I'd want to have everyone on some sort of voice chat too so I could listen and join in on conversation. If only. Good question!

There are 2 others I'd love to have in the party.  I would love to do a dungeon with Grumpy Elf.  I wonder what he is like to play with on his hunter.  The other person I would love to do a dungeon with is Dayani. She could tell me how to heal 100x better than what I am doing right now!

Name two beverages: the one you love – the one you hate.
I LOVE hot chocolate.  Even in summer.  I just love chocolate.  I would have to have Soy though because I'm lactose intolerant.
I hate mineral water.  It's so ... BITTER! Ugh! How do people drink that?

Spring or Autumn?
Autumn because I get bad hay fever in Spring.

We don’t see Jaina Proudmoore much of now – what will she do first on her return?
I never saw much of her before anyway, not as Horde. So I didn't even realise she wasn't around much...
 I secretly would like her to turn evil and became a boss encounter in the next expansion.  Alliance needs more people turning bad rather than Horde ones all the time.

Thanks Gnomecore for the questions!  They were fun :)


  1. Thank you for cool answers! xD It was fun to read.
    About Jaina: she didn't even follow us to Draenor to chase Garrosh, and that was VERY STRANGE. After all, he's totally responsible for wiping out Theramore - which exists no more. So her complete absense in this expansion is freaking me out.

    1. You see! She will be a boss encounter next expansion!

    2. Would be sad - as my main, ice mage gnome Micromantica, idolizes her and me too ever since Warcraft III :)

      Although as I recall from latest book War Crimes that she's in love with blue dragon Kalec and somehow decided to retire from big politics for the sake of peaceful life. That would be the biggest waste of one of the strongest characters.


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