Not Selfie-Centred

A lot of people are excited about the selfie-cam, and I see it peppered throughout my twitter.  I think I got the mission for it much later than everyone else and then all I was thinking about is WHY IS THIS THING IN MY BAG taking up space?

I had to get the lens I was told.  Then it would become a toy.

So this bag occupying thing stayed in my bags for another week as I waited for the lens mission to pop up.  When I finally got the lens I was so glad to make it into a toy so it could get out of my bags. Phew! I resisted taking selfies of myself, but then I landed my first achievement that could get me a monument in my Garrison.

 So I thought I'd try it out.  Let's see...

Oh god, I blinked.  These filter things are kinda cool, I guess.  Let me try that again.

I guess it take skill to take a selfie, And sadly I don't have the skillz. Nor am I that photogenic. Guess I've saved the world from my bad selfies.


  1. I think the whole point is that there are no good selfies. I've been told that if you hold the camera above your eyebrows and to the right a little it will minimize jowls and brighten your face. Unfortunately for Delgada, nothing helps her look younger or fresher. Navi, there you just look annoyed!

    1. I think in that pic I look like I'm over the whole selfie thing!

  2. I agree with Jeni, I think it's supposed to just be a piss-take, but I was still really put off when it came out. Having said that, I have played around with it - you may have noticed - but I don't see much use for it. And, also, I think the original camera you get from the first mission is misleading. I got it and just thought "wow, so you can't use it until you get the lens?" but it turns out it IS usable without the lens, it just stupidly doesn't say so.
    I only bothered with it because it's a toy and I'm a compulsive collector of many things, in-game - fishing rods, old reagents, ghost-based/historical stuff - and IRL - stamps, post cards, fossils, rocks and so on (and on and on). I had no intention of using it at all, and though I have a couple of times, I would rather just take a screen shot. I've not taken real life selfies for about 4 years, and even that was the first one in another three! I don't photograph well xD

    GZ on your garrison monument, too! I've barely been paying attention to them so I think I'm a very long way off even the easiest of them. Definitely worth the selfie :P

    1. Thanks Kim! It is my only reason for taking a selfie, but I think after that awful experiment I should stick to the standard screenshot. And I'm like you, I collect things IRL too - fossils, stamps, phonecards, collector cards... makes for a house full of stuff!


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