New Of Fun in Darkmoon Faire

Interest in Darkmoon Faire has been revived with a slew of new achievements, a new game and not to mention a whole bunch of heirlooms to buy if you're too cheap to use gold to buy them!

Dubenko, that nemesis of Akabeko and mine, has changed a little bit, and also has been given a new achievement - Triumphant Turtle Tossing - landing all 10 rings from one turn on Dubenko.

Dubenko moves a lot now, moving fast and slow, but runs back to the same spot each time. Luxy told me the trick - watch where he runs to and keep your ring there, and when he runs away, throw the ring as soon as he turns to run back to the middle and it will land on him.  Worked a treat!  

Originally, I had these dreadful graphics issues when I started the game (with the 10 lines stretched across the screen) but a reload UI fixed that up.  On getting the achievement, you get a new toy, Darkmoon Ring-Flinger, which does this:

Image from
The Darkmoon Tonk also got a new achievement - hit 45 targets in one turn.  So I haven't gotten that yet but I saw a few people getting it, Luxy included.

Then there was the race itself!  You get a practice run then a real run and it's not that easy to get it in 11 clicks!  My best so far is 12, but I just need to work on getting my movements all perfect!

There are a lot of achievements associated with that race.  It seems like you can have a different racing mount at different times.  I managed to snag a couple but the achievement that comes with a toy still eludes me - for now.  I was racing around with Crooked and Mctacky - Crooked got his, and Tacky will probably have his by the time I wake up tomorrow.

I guess now I have something to spend all my tokens on - Heirlooms! But what I'll use them for?  I have no idea... though it turns out I have 15 of them somehow... and at 35 I get another achievement, so I guess I'd better keep collecting.


  1. I love the faire, especially now that I got my RAF rocket to haul the kiddo around in. She also hit 20 and got her own mount. All grown up!

    1. Glad your daughter got to 20! Mine gets to 10 and then starts a new character... but she does like DMF, I let my kids take my toon there to wander around whilst I go cook. It's a great babysitter :D

  2. Lots of fun at Darkmoon Faire that night!


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