Navispam - Literally landing on top of Binkenstein

I was on Navijr and I just stepped through the portal to Darkmoon Faire and standing right next to me was Binkenstein!  I blinked - I knew Blinkenstein was on Oceanic side but was that him?  I decided to ask and he answered in the affirmative!

He was very kind and let me take a picture of him, but I have a rather embarrassing feeling that he thought that I was rather silly LOL.  Ah well, that's what I do!

My daughter was with me as she likes to see Darkmoon Faire and she wondered what I was doing.  I just told her that Binkenstein was someone from twitter who does a lot of Elemental Shaman theorycrafting. You can see his Ele shaman guide at Wowhead, and he has this crazy spreadsheet which I don't understand at Totemspot.

Well, that was a rather cool accidental meeting. For me anyway :)