Minipost: Female miners and male peons

I did my invasion and when I was finished, I went back to my main building and I looked at all the miners... and for the first time I noticed they were all female.

Interestingly they were all wearing Bandit gear and recolours.  I have that same outfit....

Kyjenn said that Luxy had noticed that AGES ago.  Well, nobody had ever mentioned it to me!

And come to think of it, you know whenever I do an invasion and a worker is trapped out in the open... it's always a male peon.  I just realised I've never seen any orc female peons.

Anyway.  Weird how these things are.  Wonder if it's the same Alliance side.


  1. Ally side: male miners, male peons getting terrified.

    1. Thanks K! That's that question answered :)


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