Hey you Gronn! You can't see me with this skull on!

In Earthshaker Gorge in Nagrand there is a skeleton with two Goblins next to it, having a chat. Between them there is a small skull which you can click on.

Goblin Archaeologist says: I'm telling you it's going to work, just trust me!
Goblin Excavator says: I can't even see out of this thing... how's the plan supposed to work if we can't see where we're going?
Goblin Archaeologist says: Just follow the sound of the money you'll make when we sell off all these bones!
Goblin Excavator says: So all we gotta do now is wait until they go to sleep and then scram with the bones?
Goblin Archaeologist says: Right... hey you feel something crawling around in your skull?
Goblin Excavator says: Only a sense of regret for letting you talk me into this...
Goblin Archaeologist says: The disguise is working! Those dumb gronn don't even know we're here!
If you click on the Hollowed Skull, you will have a skull on your head, and Hyade, Aimei and I went and clicked on it as we finished our last steps of the treasure quest Gutrek's Cleaver: The Spirit Forge.

Outside the Spirit Forge
It looks pretty funny and cute when it's on! The other perk of putting this on your head is that the Gronn in the canyon all become neutral and won't attack you!  It only lasts until you leave the canyon, but you can just go click on it again if you need to.  Great for archaeology in the area or when you're looking for Highmaul relics from caches.


  1. I didn't know about that! I've got to go find it and it's especially helpful right now as my Rogue is about to set off for Gorgrond.

    1. Unfortunately it only works in that little area of Nagrand. I hearthed to my garrison and it was gone :(

  2. Those skulls look so cute on a Goblin!

    1. I think they look cute on pandas too!

  3. OMG that is so cute! I've got to grab Barla and go find this skeleton LOL!


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