Guild Rukhmar - Take 2

We didn't have a guild Rukhmar kill and Xyn thought it would be a great idea to do one before raid. It was a good idea - we had lots of socials who maybe didn't want to get in on one of those nasty big raids, and it would be fun to have reliable tanks.  I put it in the guild message of the day that we would start at 840pm and do Rukhmar.

I put my kids to bed and rushed downstairs at 830 for Rukhmar, and saw Hyad doing LFR.

"What are you doing?" I said.  "We're supposed to be doing Rukhmar!"

So I logged on and asked for an invite.  "Raid is full," Xyn said.  I looked at the time.  It was early!

"There was a group going already, and there are 10 people in guild in the group, so it should be ok," he said.  Oh well.  I had done it already this week, so I wasn't fussed.

Then there was lots of non-reassuring conversation...
"Why the F are they tanking it there?"
"I taunted it just now when that tank died."
"I'm dead again, this isn't going well."

There were about 7 of us wondering about the Rukhmar thing, so that would have been nice if we had all gotten into it.  So I went over to BRF instead and get a headstart on summons.

And it turns out that they did not kill Rukhmar and we had a raid to start.  So we decided that we'd do it again after the raid.

It wasn't the smoothest of raids, but we managed to get through 5 bosses (though we had to have Sev and Sev's friend Tekno come and help at Flamebender).  Hans and Frans was fine, Flamebender had heaps of issues, Kromog was actually quite easy with a disc priest and only 4 heals on normal.  Then we did Beastlord and Thogar and then it was back to Rukhmar.

Since I was leader, Xyn told me to list it.  I had never listed it before, so I wasn't sure how to do it, and I was also a little bit stressed because as usual, I was lost. Yes I know I should just follow the arrows!  But how do I get to those arrows???

So had a few people promoted and Xyn was doing all the invites and the group was filling nicely.

"You know, sometimes when you do these things, you can find people who want to join the guild," said Xyn.  I thought he was making fun of the whole thing, but he was actually serious!  More on that later.

There was one person being obnoxious yelling to Gelina in raid "I'll suck your dick for a summon Gelina!" and I wasn't particularly pleased about it but Xyn said that's what pugs are like. This idiot did it again and again and I was about to speak in raid about it, but I was too busy trying to relist and raid because it kept dropping out of the premade group thing, and Luxy ended up booting him from the group.

Then someone else from that realm said that the person was sorry and that they would like an invite back and we said OK, they could come back but no more of that kind of behaviour.  They said that he wouldn't.  When he came back he apologised, and I also whispered him to say that as long as he doesn't do that again then all was good.  They were behaved, which was good.

Right before the pull a hunter whispered me:
"Hello excuse me, I was wondering if it would be possible that I might be able to join your guild? you seem like really cool people and I'd like to be in with that."

I smiled to him and said I would speak after the raid.  And though the raid had some scary times, we managed to kill it without a wipe.  I had decided to go Boomkin and I spent all my time hitting adds. Apparently I did ok (Starfall is way OP), but I had thought I had done poorly because Xyn said my damage was decent, it was right above Vivianne's (the follower).  However, Skada adds up everyone's Vivianne so she was actually quite high on the damage charts!

So we got our guild achievement. Yay!

So I chatted to the hunter and he scored an invite, and he seems like a nice enough young fellow.  It turned out that after Luxy kicked the idiot yelling dick things at Gelina, he whispered Xyn saying that he didn't realise that there were guilds out there who seemed to value politeness and how would he get into a guild like that?

Xyn said "Well, you can speak to our guild leader, Navimie," and that was that. He seems like a nice young man so far!

So, I guess it really does matter how we behave in the world, because people look at our behaviour and want to join because they think that we're mature and nice people.  It was a doubly nice outcome for the evening! Now we need more guild world bosses so we can get that darned Pepe achievement done...


  1. I had lots of fun last night in the raid and the Rukhmar afterwards!

  2. I thought this was going to be about killing bosses and instead it was about silly things like "being nice" and "politeness." I am thoroughly disappointed, Navi.

    Hope the hunter turns out well!

    P.S. I just realized I've never killed Rukhmar.

    1. Then I bet you also don't have the guild achievement either...
      The hunter is social and is so well mannered, he is just what I like for Frostwolves.


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