So, I didn't know 6.1 was doing THIS to my garrison

I did not realise that Patch 6.1 would change what I said yesterday about trading post traders!  Today I have Tai'tasi at my Trading Post and the cost of everything has gone down by 80%!

They used to be 30 resources, now it's 6!
Not surprising really since there has been a massive change in the market with resources.  I guess now it won't really matter what I buy and from whom since the prices are all so cheap!  The gold bag is still 50 resources and still contains only 13-17g. What I failed to notice was that the items are now SINGLE instead of stacks of 5.  Whoops.  Thanks Sev. Saved me before I spent big $$ on them.

I like how there are dailies to get more resources now.  I think early game you're very resource starved, but by the end you're resources heavy so you can afford to make some money.

However, when I logged in this morning I was complaining bitterly that I couldn't find my guild bank tauren chick. I regret not taking pictures of her because I only realised hours later (when I went to find her again) that she was gone!  In her place is a goblin contraption - a piggy bank on some spinning wheels mounted to the floor.

Which is actually really good because these Storehouse NPCs like to walk around and then you find that whatever window you had open will suddenly close because they walked out of range.  It happens a lot, but especially with the transmog NPC.  He should be stuck to the ground like that mechanical guild bank so he will quit that wandering around.  It's so IRRITATING when you just manage to find a transmog that works and he walks off and poof, it's gone because you didn't apply the changes and have to start all over again.

Trade chat is full of people looking for certain traders in peoples' garrisons.  I don't think I saw any professions traders in my garrison, and I'm not sure what they do.  I did visit Nath and got to talk to Harrison Jones in his garrison.  I had the Jukebox visitor and Saurfang himself visiting my garrison (oh and a travelling pet battler) but I was wondering what these professions ones do.  Nok had the enchanting one in his garrison so I went to visit and I can interact with it!

Pretty cool! The daily quest he has is to turn in 50 dust for 25 primals - what a deal!  No wonder everyone is looking for one!  I guess you can make a lot of money if you have a professions visitor in your garrison if you advertise it in trade chat - see people offering 100-200g tip for a visit to the garrison having one of these profession dudes!

Once you complete that daily, you can speak to the trader to trade in more trade goods for primals - for Rath'thul it was 5 dust for one primal.  Gosh, these primals are now cheap as chips to get!

Oh, and finally the garrison pet battles are counted towards the Draenor Pet Achievement!  Though I am SURE I did more than 125 pet battles prior to patch....

So, there may not have been a lot of new content for patch 6.1, but there sure are a number of things to do, especially in my garrison.


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