Raiding - Working on Flamebender

The good thing about last week was that it set out a  plan for us for this week and by 1030pm last night we were at the same point as we were last Monday.  It was good, and everyone was feeling happy that things were going well.  Lots of loot to be had.  Only Koda, Alca and myself were main healing, and we had Nok on his monk off-healing as well. I was tempted to do Gruul with 3 healers but we ended up doing it with 4.  Probably just as well (19 in raid).

We struggled a bit with 4 heals on Beastlord and when we went to 5 heals we did better. I had a joke about who was going to get pinned and I said I had bets on Kelthal, and Nok said Alca. I'll just say that Navi knows best :D

I was surprised though that Aza got pinned. Twice.  On different attempts though. Alca got pinned once and I think poor Koda also. My goal is to have nobody pinned!

Those two stamp tramps Hans and Franz was actually a one shot but it was messy as hell.  We managed to do it without a backup third tank and the hot plate dancing was heaps better - overall healing done was lower than our Monday attempt (52.6 million last night vs 61.1 million on Monday).

I picked up Inferno-Flame Staff, Kelthal got Darklight necklace (that Ultra won but decided to give to Kelthal),  Koda got Ironspike Chew Toy, Aza got Eye Catching Gilded Robe, Crooked got Neckbreaker Shoulderguards, Duck got Ironcrusher's Collar.  Exray cleaned up with Bracers of Martial Perfection, Tablet of Turnbuckle Teamwork. Una also cleaned up with Seeking Ember Girdle and Eye Catching Gilded Robe.

There were some amusing moments that I had forgotten to mention which should be made into comic form I think.  Ultra said was talking about DPSing hard on a boss but his choice of words left much to be desired...

"Yeah I went fully hard on that boss in that phase!"

"Really?" I whispered him, incredulously.  "FULLY hard??"

"Oh GOD NAVI!" exclaimed Ultra, embarrassed.  As Hwired said, that Frostwolves GM, so classy.

We did have one pull of normal Flamebender on Sunday, and we have Falln(apart) our warrior who is a weekday raider, and Faulen our DK who is a weekend raider.  Faulen had to drop for one boss to cook dinner, but he came back for Flamebender, and whilst Hwired was explaining the fight, Fallnapart was feeling tired.  He thought he would just close his eyes for a second...

Come ready check time for Flamebender, Falln was afk.

"Falln, are you there?" said Hwired.
"Yes I'm here," said Faulen.

Gee, Falln sounded different, I thought.  I hadn't even realised at first that Falln hadn't answered.  So we went ahead and pulled and Falln died early but we didn't really notice because lots of people died. Raid disbanded at 11pm.  At 1115pm I got a whisper from Falln saying that he must have fallen asleep! I had not realised he was afk for the whole fight... no wonder his voice had sounded different! I laughed as Falln told me that the last thing he remembered was Hwired explaining the fight, and then the next thing he knew he was in a raid with only Snowcaller, and he was dead.  I laughed so hard about it and told all the officers. Hwired said he hadn't realised Faulen had come back to the raid. Maybe I should tease Fallnapart and say his new name is Fallnasleep.

So when Hwired started explaining the Flamebender fight, Falln piped up and said he was awake this time. He had even watched the video.

"How did you manage not to fall asleep in that?" I wondered.

We all made fun of how Hwired's voice puts us all to sleep and as Hwired started talking a few of us were yawning. Hwired still kept calling Flamebender Ka'graz a he despite her clearly looking like a female.

The fight itself is not complex.  At first, Ka'graz is standing with Aknor Steelbringer (and doing an achievement will make him your follower) and we kill him.  She summons two wolves who are linked by a fire chain, and they target two raid members (it seems to be one melee and the other on ranged but it's probably random) and they need to try to make sure that you don't have the fire chain cutting a line of death through the raid (and everyone needs to get away from them) and have to be killed together.  Ranged need to be spread out 6 yards to avoid spreading Lava slash around, and also need to run in with Molten Torrent (which is like a meteor effect) to the melee to share the damage.

We made good progress, and we're pretty positive about making even more progress on it tonight. Looking forward to raid!


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