Raiding - Great runs in our last 2 days in Highmaul

We had a good Sunday and Monday in Highmaul.  On Sunday we were doing normal Highmaul and Arelion said "Let's get Imperator down today!"

I have to admit, I was skeptical.

We smashed through the first 6 bosses really quickly for an alt/casual run and in 70 minutes we were at Imperator.  That was pretty good!  HK/Aimei has been having issues with his arm/shoulder and so I told him not to come to the casual raid but he came for Tectus just in case his weapon dropped... and it did!  Unfortunately, he played with it and found that it wasn't any better for tanking the the Garrison Invasion weapon that he had.

A few people hadn't done it before, and we started bashing at it.  We had a few people keep making the same mistakes and damage seemed to be a bit low.  Unfortunately we ended up having to drop a few people who kept dying to bad things, and then we managed to get it down, which was a big relief.  I wish we could take everyone, but unfortunately some people were just not ready and we had to sit Kahrax, Shoushiro and Faith out.  We had Hwired's druid (Bridgewater), Yuuna, Alca, Cptsars and myself.  I was happy that we got it down with 10 minutes of raid to spare!

Then on Monday we were doing Heroic Mar'gok and Koda was sick.  It was just me and Alca for a bit and I wasn't feeling particularly confident but Bish showed up and Cptsars offhealed for us.  It took multiple goes and we had a few problems with bombs going off, and other small things, all of which added up.  However, we managed to get it before the end of the night and quite a few people got their Ahead of the Curve achievement.  Arelion was there too, this time all ready to bid with his massive EPGP but there was nothing worth bidding on! What a shame!

It was at least good to clear normal and heroic this week.  Looking forward to BRF!