Mataoka's #28daysofWoWlove - Second week

The other thing I love doing in Azeroth is visiting people in game... Navispam!  These 7 are my favourite Navispam pics - not chosen because they were any particular people but just because the screenshots turned out quite nicely!

I like how El is waving goodbye to me as I hearth away.  A shame you can't wave with a fishing rod in your hand.

I just like the way this pic turned out with Elfi and I yelling at our pets to move

Sil and I looking cute as can be atop giant pressies

Being ultra patient with Syrco paid off so I could see the mushroom event again

Rades playing dead so I can take a pretend that a resto druid killed a hunter...

Euphy and I jumping on the bed. This was the first time I did this pic and I have done others since but I remember the childish abandon of this one
Classy and I took a lot of screenies at pretty places but this one is nice because I never get to see this design much!


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