Wolves, wolves everywhere, but at least I am now a true Frostwolf!

Questing in Frostfire ridge is enough to get most people to Revered with Frostwolf Orcs, and the last bit needs to be ground out in the level 100 areas in Frostfire Ridge.  A number of my guildies are already exalted with Frostwolf Orcs - Luxy, Cptsars and Azadelta - and I was eager to join them, just for the title.

Grinding rep with Frostwolf is also great for levelling bodyguards. I did quite a few bodyguards that way, and Magnarok is the best place to farm bodyguard rep and Frostwolf rep, as there lots of little mobs that give only 1 Frostwolf rep but they give 10 bodyguard rep!

I managed to get to exalted Frostwolf Orcs with my last bodyguard, Tormmok, and he so kindly posed with me for a screenshot in the Garrison sporting my new title and riding the original Frostwolf Howler from Alterac Valley.

Is that not the best title for someone in my guld? :D OMG I totally forgot to get the Frostwolf Pup out for a picture!

And I should go check out what mount I get with this exalted reputation. Not that I particularly care about mounts, more to add to the collection that I will never use... like Garn Nighthowl.  I was lucky that day - someone was asking around for people for Nok-Karosh, and I asked him how they were doing loot. I had heard there were some unscrupulous people around asking for people for a group then masterlooting the mount or something equally unsavoury.  Anyway, after multiple false starts with Alliance pulls and a different Horde group pulling, we got both Horde groups together and pulled it and OMG I rolled the winning roll, and a shiny new mount.

Luxy teased me.  She said it was typical that I would get the mount when I am the one who doesn't care about mounts.  Oh, and I also let another wolf out of the bag. This Garn Steelmaw came out of hte invasion bag.  He looks like he's trying to pass a stool!

So I went to pick up this new Swift Frostwolf mount. I don't think there is such thing as too many wolves.  This silvery grey colour is not bad, I like it. And here I am sporting a Frostwolf tabard as well.  I think I should make a new transmog for the occasion!

Darn it, I still forgot to get my Frostwolf Pup out for the picture. But Durotan doesn't seem to mind.


  1. Your title looks like you're stuttering... "of the Frostwolves Frostwolves".



    1. LOL, gotta read the Punctuation Redbeard :D Those arrow brackets are very important :D
      Though maybe it would look cooler if I turned my guild tag off... nah it wouldn't. OF THE FROSTWOLVES, FROSTWOLVES! Hee hee!

  2. Congratulations! That's so perfect! You're a double Frostwolf!

  3. That's awesome. Grats!

  4. So much Frostwolf love! Congrats, Navi :)


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