Raiding - Normal done!

This weekend we had a really great raid! Sunday was the planned normal day and we powered through that to get all the way to Imperator Mar'gok!  I think that might have been the best clear we had done so far!  Arelion and Aimei had tanked that and I had gotten Cptsars to help with healing as there was only myself and Amayeti healing.  So on Monday we planned to try and do Heroic Ko'ragh and if that didn't work we'd go and finish off Mar'gok. Though I was pretty excited about Mondays' raid, there were a few things that started to make things go that little bit awry...

Exray/Snowcaller was sick.  He had a dreadful ear infection and had not slept, was on painkillers and couldn't put his headset on. He anxiously told me he wasn't sure if he could raid, and I reassured him that if he was sick, then he should rest.

Morz had been relaxing on the beach and his house was a sauna, so Mr Suave and Cool was not feeling very cool.  In fact, he was a little more distressed than normal, not in a bad way, just not the Mr Chill I am used to seeing.

Koda could not get her computer on the internet, and Bish had forgotten that we raid on Mondays (WTF!). Amayeti was there, and I had Cptsars doing some offhealing again with us.

We had no other tanks and so I asked Arelion to come and tank - having killed Ko'ragh just the day before at least he knew the fight. He didn't have excellent gear yet, so it was going to be tough, and it really was tough.  We struggled with heals and after a few decent goes, I switched it to normal and we went to do Mar'gok.

Amayeti disconnected at that point and did not return, so I was left with 3 healers and I knew that I would be unable to heal all of those people. Eq and Roshii offered to come help but with 20 people in raid with 3 healers, it was going to be crap. I announced that I was going to have to drop people to get to 15 so that we could have a chance to kill it with the number of healers we had, and Crooked offered to heal!  So I let Brahski swap out for Eq but that put us at 20 and I told Roshii that I probably couldn't support an extra person.

And it was a hard. So much healing, with 2 offspec healers (who were great mind you) but mana was tight, damage was high and poor Arelion died a lot. Exray offered to come but he said he couldn't hear very well so I said that he should just wear his headset around his neck and put the volume of vent on high so he could talk and not have to wear the headset and so Arelion stepped out for Exray's DK Snowcaller.

We were pretty good on the mines overall.  Kelthal was the worst at the mines which meant that Aza had to run out to help with soaking that debuff, but I think he may have only gotten them twice. Ranged were pretty awesome with running from mines, except for this one time when the mine appeared to our right and as we ran around it, silly me ran in front of it (and everyone was following me) and we got knocked back into it.  Duh Navi, run BEHIND the mine /facepalm

We got to the ball phase and the first time I had a bit of a shock and forgot to dodge the balls, but so did everyone else.  After that we were doing pretty well getting to that phase and we spread out and dodged much better.

So we were on our last attempt for the night and I announced it as such.  The fight was going well, and we were nearing the final stages and suddenly, BOTH hunters died! Fortunately both rezzes were up so we rezzed both of them and I was running OOM running off fumes as I struggled to heal everyone with healing touch (as that was the ONLY spell I could afford!)  And then... BANG!  He was dead!!!

And LOOK I managed to get a kill screenshot this time!!

I was so happy!  I thanked my offspec healing shamans profusely for their help, Arelion for helping, everyone for DPSing and tanking... we did it!

So now, the raid week will be interesting - here's hoping for some great progress as we go back into a normal raid week!  Maybe we'll get Ko'ragh down on heroic this week - provided healers turn up!


  1. Congrats Frostwolves! :D We're going to be taking a look at Imperator this week ourselves - I'll be sure to remember tips from your experience (run BEHIND the mines!) ;)

    1. OMG I was a victim of my own blog - it ATE my reply!!! Grr lost my lovely long reply LOL! Good luck Rades - I think you guys will get it down easily enough - though I have to agree with a lot of people out there.. heroic Kargath, Butcher, Brackenspore, Twins and Tectus were easier than normal Mar'gok (Which I see you guys have done). Best of luck and happy loot rolls!


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