Raiding - Heroic Ko'ragh down and a peek at Mythic Kargath

Isn't it great when I am forced out of my garrison - suddenly the backlog of posts that have been sitting in the back of my mind are now pouring out at a catchup rate!

Last Thursday we managed to get Ko'ragh down on heroic, and it wasn't TOO horrible. We had 5 mainspec healers and that made a big difference, I think.  On our kill attempt we only had 2 die - unsurprisingly both were melee (aren't they ALWAYS the dead ones?).  Not really pleased with my healing effort (I was trying to conserve a mana) and I think I should look into putting a little bit more out!

After that we wondered what to do - peep at Mythic Kargath or go on Heroic Mar'gok?  We figured we'd just look, what the hell, and it was a big step up, with a few more things to worry about and just getting used to that took the rest of the evening.  Tigers chasing you, trying to get crowd roar so we could get more damage out, and just more damage going out in general. Trying to get Kargath to chase hunters so we would get the full crowd roar thing. It doesn't feel like we are quite ready yet, but with practice we will get there, I'm sure.

I was bemused by one of my hunters.  I have two hunters, one is brilliant, and the other was a casual raider in MoP but wanted to step up to regular raiding but still has a slightly casual attitude. By casual attitude, I mean he wasn't getting good enchants or gems on his gear when we were doing new bosses, which I don't care about if we were doing farm stuff but on progress stuff I think every little bit helps.  Anyway, I've gotten used to him being the way he is (after all, we only have 2 hunters now, down from 4) and when the poor guy admitted that he had never used misdirect before we were boggled - and though it was funny, I wasn't really surprised :P I guess that means he's never trolled the healers before my misdirecting onto them! But he's not a nasty person, he just seems a little young.

What is exciting from my point of view is that I feel like we're doing well for what our guild NORMALLY does at the beginning of an expansion.  If we kill heroic Mar'gok we really will be ahead of what we normally are - I don't remember killing the last boss in a first raid on normal before we started the next raid.  Technically we aren't there yet still - but we're a lot closer than I thought we would normally be, and there are still a few weeks before Blackrock Foundry comes out.

I have despaired of trying to explain EPGP to a few members who would rather PuG than turn up to raid, because they will "never get loot" because their EPGP is low. Don't they realise that if they don't contribute to the heroic raids they won't get into mythic ones because they've never played with the team and nobody who has put in the hours to kill heroic bosses would want to sit out for them (unless it's for farm mythics, and we're a long way from that!).  I feel terrible but really, what they will end up doing is leaving and going to another guild at that rate!

Anyway, these are things for a Guildleader chores post.  Tonight is normals night and it's the first night I'm going to let alts come. We'll see how it goes, fingers crossed!