Raiding - Faster clears but more stuffups

I have seen a definite pattern to my gameplay.  I have found that when I have to be woken up to raid because I have inadvertently fallen asleep putting the kids to bed, I play like an absolute MORON. Especially when Aimei has to ring me to get on for raid.

I also thought I was doing well in terms of healing, but really, when it was not because of skill it was because of gear.  My poor healer buddies all had ilvls of 658 or so whilst I was up at 669.  And it's not that I have awesome gear.  It's they have really BAD gear!  When they catch up I will be probably be the healer carry!

So here's my raid highlights for the night.

  • Firstly, Shoushiro has made a comeback.  Now that his account is unbanned, he is playing again and there was a request for him to be able to come to heroic raid.  His ilvl is rather low, so I wasn't happy about that especially since he could do with some gear from heroic dungeons, normal Highmaul and LFR.  So I said he could come for the first 3 bosses but I wasn't pleased because there are others who would love to come to heroic raids and I don't let them. However, Shou was supposed to be part of our raid team anyway and we could use a rogue.  He rolled Throat-Ripper Gauntlets from Kargath and got Flenser's Hookring from the Butcher.  I had to DE a dagger later - made me wish I had brought him but rules are rules! 
  • Kargath was smooth as silk.  You expect that though if we're already doing Mythic. Shou was the only death but that wasn't unexpected. It takes time for the melee to figure out not to stand on the sides where ranged are standing (which is next to the fire poles).
  • Butcher was a bit hairy.  For some reason Cptsars had somehow migrated to the middle instead of being on a side and so he got every stack for the first 5 stacks.  It got sorted but we ended up a little behind on heals and then people started to drop off towards the end of the fight.
  • Brackenspore also went well, except Aimei dying, which we couldn't do much about since he had Necrotic Breath on him and was getting smacked by Brackenspore.
  • Tectus was where my dumbass playing showed me up.  I died TWICE, the first time from trying to run through Crystalline Barrage to get to the rest of the team, and the second time from trying to get around a mountain spike and got spiked in the butt and died.  Definitely NOT my finest moment.
  • Twin Ogron's was where Aza was having a moment. He died twice from being in the blaze. Though to be fair he was on the phone to work, and somehow managed to be in the wrong spec.  Maybe he got woken up just before raid as well.
  • Ko'ragh was at least a one shot but the melee took a beating - KyXyn and Disco were following a tank with Expel Magic: Arcane which is a death sentence, and Koda kinda forgot to tranq during shadow and Kyxyn died again from a combination of shadow and fire.
  • I thought we had a good chance for an Imperator kill but it wasn't to be, and we were taking more damage than before.  Mines were not as good as Monday either, and tanks also didn't get their debuff to run away fast enough and health was low in general.  I had woken up by then so I was being a little better with my placement of things like Efflo (trying to get two shifts from mine out of one Efflo) but mana was not great, not like it was on Monday.  Also, we had 3 extra DPS so that made the strain a little bit more as well.
  • I had to DE a lot of plate, especially boots.  I wish Yeti (on her pally) and Arelion had been there.
  • Koda and Bish got some good upgrades by the end of the night - at the end of last week she still had 3 blue items and she got the Champion's Medallion from Kargath, and then a heroic warforged Gill's Glorious Windcloak (I wanted it but she needed it more!) and then Mountainwalker's Boots.  She went from 658 to 666 by the end of the night!  Bish also walked out with 3 loots too - Crystal-Woven Bracers, Emblem of Caustic Healing and Destablised Sandals (I can't believe Blizzard spelt Destabilised WRONG) and also joined the 658 to 666 club.  He was wearing ilvl 610 blue boots.. OMG!!  Cptsars also walked out with 3 loots - Flenser's Hookring, Moss-woven Mailshirt and Phemos' Double Slasher.
So, still a fun night, but fraught with errors.  Tonight is Mythic night so let's see if we can get Kargath down without too many stuff ups and at least have a few goes on Twins!


  1. Our healers were at 558 gear level before last night? ... this explains so much! :p

    1. And they did a smashing job at that ilvl... :P

  2. i miss raiding properly... hoping that my work schedule change is going through so i can actually be on long enough and at the right times :( have a 678 HPal doing nothing :(


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