Navispam - The tale of visiting the Wyvern's Tail

Early server maintenance is good for one thing - visiting friends on EU. I thought I'd go and see if Kim from Wyvern's Tail was around since she and I had been chatting lately on twitter and on my blog.  We had met... oh a long time ago now! And I remember winning a prize in her Hallow's End Screenshot comp... oh that was in 2013! Gosh we have known each other a while LOL!

When I first logged into my character on her server I did a /who of her guild and it ended up showing 0 players online.  Oh well.  So then I thought I'd better start my questing so I can send her a mail, and whilst I was killing quillboar I thought I'd better add her as a friend so I can keep an eye for when she gets online.

Boy was I surprised when I did that and she was already online. I looked closer and realised I'd spelled her guild name wrong /facepalm

Anyway, I sent her a tell and she was there and we started chatting :)

I had been perusing her etsy store and I asked her why she didn't do some WoW themed things there - she makes some cute jewellery (was eyeing her Totoro in a bottle) and maybe we shall see some in the future!

So she kindly agreed to meet me in TB and so off I ran to meet her.

So we talked about game, and Garrisons, people getting bored of WoW but yet we're still here and not bored... in fact, I just blabbered on and on, poor Kim. As always I'm very excited to meet one of my online friends and all those questions that I always have bubbling to be said on the tip of my tongue pour out when I see them in person. I was a little slow, Pepe was on her face when she first arrived and I was so busy trying to get in position for a pic that Pepe poofed before I could screenshot Daeaye with Pepe on /cries

I was chatting about achievements I'd been working on lately, and she says she's been doing dungeons. I haven't done any posts on those quest achievements, and as I said to Kim, that darned garrison... I have a love hate relationship with it.  If addiction is anything, that Garrison is it. I hate being in there because it keeps me from blogging but at the same time I can't seem to tear myself away from the things that need to be done like checking my work orders, mine and herb, missions, followers etc etc.

And another thing I realised that I had not logged into my EU toon during the 10th anniversary AT ALL so I did not have all the cool MC things.  Damn it!

So this was her favourite pet.  Good choice!  I think that the Alliance were shortchanged on that gryphon hatchling since the Wildhammer hatchling looks very similar to it, yet the Windrider cub is still a unique model.  She said that she and her boyfriend Seeg both have one, they were gifts to each other. Awww :D

It's time for bed for me, so a big thanks to my friend Kim from Wyvern's Tail for letting me Navispam her and dragging herself out to TB just to see me! :)


  1. I love the items in her store, the plushies are so adorable!

    1. I told her to make battle pets in bottles - like Elekk Plushie or a murloc!


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