My daughter found MORE things I didn't know in my Garrison!

I'm not very good at finding things in my Garrison - in fact when I'm in there I'm pretty business oriented, sending my followers out on missions, doing work orders, sorting out guild donations and then chatting to my friends that I don't take the time to find things or explore.

There are of course a few things that I have seen, like the cave underneath the fishing hut in the water which has a small stash of resources in there.  I showed it to my daughter and she loves going there to check it out - and in fact did it on Minndy and got the resources there (Lady Sena's Materials Stash), and was very proud of herself.

Pile of rocks inside the cave - pic from Wowhead
Yesterday she surprised me when she was exploring my garrison and she came across Lady Sena's Other Materials Stash.

Picture from WoWhead (my daughter forgot to take a picture for me!)
In the Horde Garrison it's near the tower that has the portal to Ashran, behind the Primals vendor. Wow, I had no idea it was even THERE - shows how much I look around my garrison...

Really, Lady Sena should look after her stuff better. I don't even know who she is.  Wowhead says she's Gazlowe's assistant, but I can't find her in my Garrison...

The other thing my daughter found was this axe in a stump.  I thought I had seen a few of these things outside in the world and so had ignored it but actually you can click on it and loot up to 10 Practice Target Axe.

You can throw these at your critters in the Garrison! I tried throwing it at the training dummies but that didn't do anything (maybe because I can't wield Axes or throw things) but I did kill a bunny with it.... poor bunny. My daughter thought it was mean to throw it at rats (because we keep pet rats) but she had no qualms about finding snow bunnies to throw it at!

So just goes to show you the wonder of youth and the joy of exploring. I guess I'm too jaded and work focussed to be running around looking under every nook and cranny - thank goodness I have a daughter who will do that for me.


  1. You keep pet rats? (Yes, this is the first thing I took away from this post) That's amazing. I have 5 when I was 13, all boys, and they didn't really socialise with us, only with eachother because there were so many. When I was about 19 I got 2 girls from my sister, and they were both siblings and I got them as babies, and they were AMAAAAZING, they would actually like your finger like a dog would lick your hand! Rats are the only rodent pets that don't spend the day hiding from you! They're incredible pets and don't deserve the bad reputation in the slightest.


    I'm proud to say I did see Lady Sena's Other Materials quite early on by chance, and I found another garrison reasource stash on the opposite side of the garrison, outside against the garrison wall - I can't remember what it was called, but I'm pretty sure I'm not mistaken, though I think it's only at Garrison rank 3.
    I had no idea about the cave under the fishing hut, though. I used to love fishing but it's not caught my attention in Draenor yet, so I've not really paid much attention to that corner. I'll be sure to go and have a look! And the axes!

    1. A long time ago (before you were reading my blog probably Kim) I used to be a bit more obvious (though it may have been too subtle) about my rat love because Tome of the Ancient made a banner for me with the Giant Sewer Rat on my shoulder. I do love rats :) I have two girls and I like having girls because boys had a slightly musky smell.

      Anyway, back to topic.. you should go to the underwater cave with Pepe on your head :D Pepe doesn't seem to mind going underwater :D

  2. There's a little restaurant area in the cave behind the herb garden, where the peons hang out when they're not working. They roast big chunks of meat over an open lava pool.

  3. Underneath the level 3 Ashran portal tower, there's a cave with no purpose from what I can tell.


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