Minipost: Only 4 raid days left before Blackrock Foundry

Though we have done better than I expected in our first raid of a new expansion, now that we are about to start a new raid, I REALLY want to kill Imperator Mar'gok on heroic.

We started raiding with lots of hunters and mages, and now we are down to very few!  In fact, tonight we will have no hunters raiding (Ultra is on holidays and Kelthal is not raiding tonight), and if Dragonray doesn't turn up then we won't have any mages either. That means we are going to be melee heavy. Ugh.

It might work better with less people to be honest, but we'll have to see how that goes, really.  Maybe it will be easier with less people.  Maybe not.

Balkoth was saying that he felt that BRF was coming too soon because they hadn't killed Mythic Imperator yet, but it didn't take him long to get that down. It's a very different benchmark, of course, because they clear mythic content each tier, so that's what they should aim or.  I hadn't really aimed for clearing it on heroic but now that we're close, I want it.

Looking at what we're doing currently, it would seem sensible that we go straight into heroic Blackrock Foundry when it's released, since the normal version has gear that is below what we are wearing.  Of course, if we are struggling then we'd take a step back, but I was hoping that we could leave the normal run for Sunday so we didn't double up kills.  Sunday runs have been going well, actually, as Arelion has really taken his role seriously and has been dedicated to playing on Sunday. Firehybrid has been tanking with him on Bleidd, and though I was a bit anxious about it at first because I'm used to him on his mage, he's actually been really great and the two of them have been tanking well together. We actually got to have a look at Mar'gok on Sunday which was great for that team, but a kill is not quite there yet - a lot of people hadn't seen the fight before and it is a lot to worry about if it's your first time.  But I was pleased that we managed to do that in 2 hours.

Alca suggested that we take a core team and get heroic Imperator down but I don't like that idea.  We all worked to get here, we all want to kill it.  I don't want to cheapen my experience and enjoyment (which I get from doing it all together as a group) just to get an achievement that only a few will get. I can't imagine the uproar that would cause!


  1. Yes, but even normal has tier...

    1. True! But it's a lower item level than what we have, and if we do normal and also do normal on Sunday for the casual raid then I will have done it twice. That won't be a fun use of my time.


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