Draenor Quest Achievements you'll need to bring Friends For

There are a ton of Draenor Quest Achievements located in areas with the Garrison campaigns  or Garrison Daily Apexis quests - and some of them can't be solo'd, you need to have a group to do them cooperatively. These co-operative quests don't have to be done when you're on the associated daily (which is great because you don't need those who-cares-about-achievements sods running around doing their dailies and ruining your hard work), so if you have a bunch of friends and want to do some group achieves, these are great time fillers!

A-VOID-ance - Shadowmoon Enclave, Shadowmoon Valley

According to WoWhead, you don't have to be on the daily Assault on Pillars of Fate to be able to do this, and it's probably better if you don't do it when people are on the daily because they're more likely to stuff up your achievement!  I wasn't sure, but I thought the portal only spawns during the daily because I had never seen it at other times, but the day that I managed to do it, it was the daily.

The portal to the Void realm is usually protected by a couple of mobs amongst a ring of stones. The one I went to was close to where Kenos spawns.

Once in the realm, it looks like this - there are bubbles protecting areas, and you can see over in the distance of this picture another bubble, and that's where Kenos is summoned.

So this is where you need your friends.  There are three stones that need to be clicked.  You need at least three people to click the stones but you can have as many people doing the achievement as long as they don't mess it up!

So the achievement itself is to not let Void Implosion kill any Coalesced Void Fragments.  These Void Fragments are adds that spawn and have to be killed because when they are alive you are unable to attack Kenos.  Kenos casts Devouring Void which explodes after 8 seconds, causing a Void Implosion.  Void Implosion does 20k damage to those around you and instantly kills any Coalesced Void Fragments within 8 yards of you.

So it sounds pretty easy - kill Kenos, and if you get Devouring Void on you, run away from the adds, but kill adds if you don't have the debuff.  Fortunately for Arelion, Cptsars, Aimei and myself, there was nobody in the zone who came along and stuffed up the achievement - you know what it's like when you are doing the daily and a rare pops up, everyone and their dog comes along and starts wailing on it!  If anybody had come along and wasn't watching their Devouring Void debuff.... poof, say goodbye to your achievement!

The Power is Yours - Shattrath City, Talador

This achievement can be done at any time, so a good time to find the crystals is when Assault on Heart of Shattrath isn't the daily, but if you're lucky and in a group when you find the crystals, even better, you can at least kill mobs towards your daily.

There are three different crystals - Rune Crystal: Fel Fire, Rune Crystal: Arcane, Rune Crystal: Fire and each gives a different buff.  What you need to do is have each person get one type of crystal (you can only have one buff at a time) and then go out and kill mobs. When you attack a mob, there is a chance of proccing the attack from the buff when you use a special ability, NOT A NORMAL ATTACK.

So we had to go find a high health mob and then attack it lightly with our lowest damaging special attack (as a guardian druid I was using lacerate) and when the mob got all three of our debuffs, we got the achievement.

You can find these crystals clumped together in certain underground rooms (I found mine at 32, 23 but there are other spots like 33.4, 40.3) and you have to have 3 people to stand on runes to unlock them, but the solitary crystals can be found all around the city.  The crystal buff lasts 5 minutes, so if you do go around clicking individual crystals, make sure your friends find their crystals quickly before the debuff drops off.

Heralds of the Legion - Shattrath City, Talador

You don't have to be on the daily to do this one. It's actually only one of the rares in the Hearlds of the Legion achievement which needs a group  to summon and you could get away with any 5 people really, as long as they all stand on a rune. Orumo the Observer is in Shattrath city at 31.4, 47.5.

I've read reports that you can do it with pets and warlocks using their teleport but it's just a lot easier to do it with 5 people.  There are 5 runes on the ground (see the picture below) and each person has to stand on one and they all have to be active at the same time for it to be released from phase.  I've tried it with lock pets and mage pets, and it doesn't seem to activate the runes.  Orumo also drops a pet Eye of Observation which is a personal loot so anyone who kills it has a chance to get the pet. Remember standing on the rune hurts a little bit and if Orumo comes out and targets you straight away with an eye beam you better have some decent health!

As a side note, Luxy noticed that Orumo's name is spelled incorrectly on the achievement.

A Demidos of Reality - Socrethar's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley

Demidos (found 46, 71.7) is a rare spawn at Socrethar Rise. It's popular to farm because it has a chance to drop the pet, Servant of Demidos.  Like the other rares, you don't need to be on the daily to do this achievement. You get the achievement the first time you kill it.

I've read about people soloing it, but why bother - more chances for pet to drop when you have more people in the group!  Can be done with two, better with more.  If you have good self healing and interrupts and good damage then you could solo it. So technically, not a group quest, but it's one of those ones that's better with buddies.

Have fun out there achievement hunters!


  1. Congrats on all those. I've tried doing the crystal one a few times but hopefully one day I can get that soon.

    1. Thanks! Just need to make sure you have 3 people - you can't do it with just you and Coolidge!


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