A Free levelling guide - for one day!

People are always selling weird stuff out there. Kurn sells her Guild leader guides for money (and it's not a small amount of money).  We are forever getting spammed in trade chat about people selling levelling SERVICES and mounts, pets, achievements, gear and the like for real money (I though that stuff was against the terms of service with Blizzard), and there are a zillion gold making guides out there that you can buy for real money.  Wow, making real money out of telling people how to make pretend money in a game.  It is BOGGLING!

I got an email from Killer Guides who told me that they were having a one day free download of their WoD levelling guide (which normally costs $35).  Was this for real?  I get skeptical, these days I am having a crap ton of stuff in my email from all sorts of sites wanting to promote themselves.

So I had forgotten about it, and then when I went to look, the event was today. And there it was, a download button.  I was scared.  Am I about to be spammed with viruses and worms and other annoying things that hijack my browser and make me search with their piece of crap search engine?

I went through their site and looked over everything.  It seemed to be a clean website, actually full of guides about various games, just like they said.  I went to the WoD guide to see if it really was free and it was, so I made sure all my adware and virus stuff was updated and clicked the download button.

Well, it turned out to be an ordinary PDF which was clean.  And it was actually a real guide.  I did, for a moment, worry that it was some sort of porn.

So I read through the guide, which is a pretty simple all round guide.  It  to everything from dungeons to raid encounters.  It's no Icy-Veins, but it has a short summary of each boss in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry which was at least useful to me, though not any more useful than the in-game Dungeon Journal.

The levelling guide was interesting, with suggested directions and quests to take.  Well, it was about as interesting as it vaguely interesting to someone who doesn't LEVEL alts, but I can always go back and look at it when I get back to wanting to level Minndy.  She

So, if you want a free levelling guide, you can only get it for today (in Australian Eastern standard time that's 0600 on 23 January till 0600 24 January, or Pacific Standard time 22 January for 24 hours) go and get it here at Killer guides.

And no they're not paying me. But I woudn't talk about it if it wasn't free.  I would never recommend spending money on guides and things.  Money should be spent on mounts and pets! /grin