Minipost: Using WoW as a pickup line

I was chatting to Sars on Skype and he was a little slow to respond.  I hadn't thought much of it, since he's on holiday and probably had lousy internet or something or was talking with Arelion, but then he said

"Sorry was talking to a love interest :D

I'm level 100 in World of Warcraft. I'm kind of a big deal.  I even have Ashes of Alar."

WUT?  I asked him who would REALLY fall for that sort of line! Does she even play WoW?

She does play, he said.  But to be impressed by those things.. I thought was a bit lame.  You couldn't pick me up with those lines.

Then he asked me what would someone have to say to impress me if WoW was being used as a pickup line.  Tough one.  I thought about it and figured that if someone mentioned they played WoW, and I responded positively and he decided to talk to me about WoW, I probably would be more impressed and likely to date them if they said they liked to PvP and got a Rival title the last two seasons or something.  Or if they were battle pet fanatics too.

After that we just started getting ridiculous.  We started making up things for what we thought people in the guild would be impressed by.  We started with Luxy.

"He'd have to have every achievement in the game," said Sars.

"No," I said. "He'd have to be super nice or something, like he would run 2200+ rated RBGs but was REALLY nice to everyone, even PuGs."

So I started extrapolating to OTHER people in the guild.

So for Sev:
"I think she would have to like PvP.  And not have an issue with Sev playing or try to stop him playing games."

Then onto Aimei:
"I think if a girl said she played WoW, that would be enough of a pickup line," I said.

And for Exray:
"Hmm.  I think perhaps someone who he could help.  He likes helping, and the damsel in distress thing?  I think he likes that."

And how about Aza....
"She would have to talk his language.  She'd have to be a good player.  I don't think he could tolerate an average player."  Sad but true!

So now I'm curious.  If you were single and met someone, what would they have to say about WoW to make you interested enough to ask them or go with them on a date?


  1. I like people for the real human beings that they are! Whether they are gladiators or players who haven't reached max level yet, if they are a nice person, that is what is important to me, not what they have done in game!

    1. It was a hypothetical question based on personality, i doubt that most people would base a potential date just on that.

  2. If I were to use WoW as a pickup line...
    "I soloed heroic Firelands and Dragon Soul BEFORE the stat squish."

  3. If I was single, for me it would be " I play WOW". I'm not too fussy otherwise.


  4. In my blog I called her "merciless slave driver "I needs badges! Get me badges!" Shianti". Apparently that was enough to get her to ask me out. And yes, after six years, chemotherapy, a wedding on the beach, and a masters degree, I'm still getting her things in WoW. ;)


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