Minipost: EFF-YOO DDOS - no Oceanic servers for anyone!

Another night, another DDOS attack, which means no raid today you Piece of POOP.  Sitting here on the loading screen (at least I got to character screen) all my previous attempts at logging into Navimie were unsuccessful but logging into US servers didn't seem like a problem at all.

So I went to and took some pictures of these attacks which are actually rather hypnotic to watch!

So I stared at this for a better part of an hour or two...

And so decided to call it a night.  I'm sure I have a good trashy romance novel to read that would be far more entertaining than this.  Sigh, and it was my turn to sit out tomorrow.  SO UNFAIR!


  1. I feel your pain. I never got on last night either. Blizzard really needs to get a handle on this DDOS or not, which I am not entirely convinced it was, they should have a much better up time and have gotten better at handling patch releases.

    Other companies are DDOSed 24/7 and it is barely noticeable. How come it completely cripples blizzard? Reasonable question if you ask me.

    1. One of my guildies said that too. I'm not very clever on these things, but I know I couldn't login and I was grumpy as hell. But at least I finished my book.


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