Merry Winter Veil!

I was a slack bum this year and didn't give out many pressies, in real life or in game!  But I have lovely friends who gave me great gifts!

We oceanic players can't get our Winter Veil presents till Boxing day so off I went to see Great-father Winter on Boxing Day to collect my gift.

 I was happy to see a new toy this year - a Pineapple cushion!  However, my excitement was short lived as Dragonray told me there are FOUR to collect this year!  So off I went on every low level alt to go find all the cushions.

I now have a lot of Pineapple Cushions and a couple of Safari ones, but the Green cushion eluded me.

Now the tree in Orgrimmar may have been civilised as people rushed in to open their presents, but on Nagrand Alliance side, it was RIDICULOUS!  People were standing on the gifts on their mounts so it was nigh impossible to get my gifts but eventually I managed to randomly mouse over things and get what I needed.  Unfortunately, it was another Zhevra cushion.  I put up a random tell in trade chat offering to trade a Zhevra cushion for a green one and someone opened a trade window with me and did just that.  Yay!  All cushions down.

Tried to get another pet from the Grinch but so far no luck.  But I am not trying very hard - boy does that thing hit hard - only Navimie can take it on!

Hope you all had a lovely winter veil!  I'm still on holidays so posts will be sporadic but boy do I have a ton of rare pics in this quiet time - I will have to do a screenshot dump soon!