Farewell 2014! The year in review

Oh my goodness, has the year gone past already!  There have been some big moments this year in WoW, on this blog and in my guild!

As we were on the last legs of Pandaria, there wasn't really much happening except Siege of Orgrimmar raiding.  We had only killed Garrosh in January, and we didn't kill him in Heroic/Mythic until November, right when Warlords was about to hit.  Man, SoO was out for a loooong time...

We had our guildie meet up in July in Melbourne, that was rather awesome!  And I got this commissioned to remember it by...

Gamergate.  There was that.

The pre-WoD party in Sydney in October where I got to meet Ion Hazzikostas where there was the Australian servers being announced. I got to meet a ton of guildies (Neri, Exray, Lushen, Consti) as well as hang out with Cymre, Moogyver, Natanie and Dayani.  It was a great night!

If you look carefully you can see me and Aimei!
SEE I was there, with those two lovely ladies!
And then there was the release of Warlords of Draenor. And I'm still discovering things as I go.  It's been a good expansion so far, with a lot of things to do, and the dust of change has settled and people are getting used to it all.

What do I hope to do in 2015?

Well, in terms of the guild, the initial surge of guild numbers swelling is over. Hopefully everyone is more used to the others, and people are settling into whatever they feel they fit into best in the guild. Normal raiding will restart on 7 January and we will be doing Heroics Wednesday and Thursday, Sunday will be normals with everyone and Monday will be cleaning up the rest of normal Highmaul. We seem to have a paucity of hunters... I wonder where they all went.  I may have to look at recruitment, but I would rather not!

Minndy, will hopefully get a level 3 Garrison when I can be bothered to level her.  Poor thing, stuck at 92 for eternity...

I have been told that the storyline in Shadowmoon Valley is excellent and I should see that.  Not sure WHEN I have time to do that...

Challenge modes are still lurking out there, I should do them sometime but I just don't have time to do that.  Maybe I shall find the time next year.

With Shab back the PvP will be back in full swing so I can get back to my Friday PvP and see if we can make a dent with a caster 3s this season!

Happy new year everyone!  Thanks for reading the Daily Frostwolf this year - next year will be more exciting as I think it's time for some blog giveaways again! :D (was a bit lazy on that front this year!)


  1. Have a wonderful New Year, Navi! It was great being able to meet you, and I'm having a great time being in your guild :)

    1. I am happy you are here too, Neri! Your poor ears and eyes though.... lol

      Oh I forgot 10th anniversary! Silly me!


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