World of Warcraft Trivia on Quizup

Sars asked me to come and play this trivia game with him on my phone, called Quizup.  They had a bunch of categories on it and World of Warcraft was one of them!  So I downloaded it on my phone and we had a play.

Yeah I lost.  Twice.

The questions weren't as hard as Evelyna's Timeless Question - and it does tell you the answer at the end.  I ended up playing against a few random people and came across someone

Quizup is available to play on PC, Google Play and the Appstore and it is disgustingly addictive.  You even get rankings on it!  There were people who were like "10th in Utah" and even one who was #`1 somewhere in the world (his name was Tyr) and of course that #1 guy kicked my ass.

The questions are quite reasonable and not too hard and cover a wide range of topics from lore, to locations, battlegrounds and even achievements!  It's rather addictive and there are tons of questions! And they even have a ranking system too - something way out of my league! Damn some of these people have played a crazy number of games....

Damn you Sars for giving me more stupid addictive games to play...


  1. I am now worlds best. the rankings have changed quite a lot

    1. Grats n1ghtah :D Yeah this post is really old LOL

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