Raiding - Guild Molten Core as the first raid of the expansion

I was pretty excited - it was the first time our guild would do a raid this expansion and it would be a good starting point to see what raids would be like with all these new people.

I wasn't sure we could fill a 40 man and I was right - we were a few short and we even had friends of friends come as well as a few guildies who were just AFK fillers.  However, we had a number of raiders missing including Jazz, Nath, Morz, Una, Alca, Dragonray, Souglyy and Vexil so the raid was filled more with some of our social and casual players which was fine since it was a Saturday and Saturday is social raid day.

I started invites and suddenly everyone realised they could come and hang out in MY Garrison...

... and kill my followers!  Apparently if you speak to my followers and get them to pat with you and then you duel that person, you can kill the follower.  Sheesh.  And then there was some weird trippy thing going on with the sky turning red all the time. Typical, people just come along and gatecrash my garrison and leave a mess everywhere!!!

Can you believe it, looking at this group there was not a single mage in all of these 40 people. Not ONE!  We queued with 4 tanks and 7 or 8 healers and we probably didn't need that many. The run itself went very smoothly, the biggest problem was dispels.  Decursing 40 people with only 3 druids and 3 shamans was a horrible task.  Sharne and Neri were our AFK fillers to help make us up to 40.

There were a few hiccups as people got disconnected as we first zoned in.  40 man was always a little heavy on the slow computers.

I didn't know how loot worked but everyone told me there was just trash mob loot and loot from Ragnaros.  I just wanted to get my achievement and my mount, I would have liked the pet Hatespark the Tiny or the transmog weapon enchant Flames of Ragnaros, but I figured I can just keep running it every week and see how we go.  Hopefully we will have people turning up every Saturday - would have to be PuGging a whole bunch of randoms - though I suspect that into December that may happen!

Mechanics were still the same, and it was rather fun to be doing it together. I had a few minor hiccups with guildies doing things they weren't supposed to be doing or saying but that was dealt with rather swiftly but overall it was a good start to raiding, I thought.  I can't believe that in a few days we will be hitting Highmaul!  I wonder how that will go. 

Here are a screenshots of us of our guild doing the instance - I even took a video of the Ragnaros kill, but with the way I was positioned at the rock, it was very hard to get a decent view of anything and all you see is me getting knocked around and trying to heal people who were out of range!

Ragnaros 40 man kill - happy 10th anniversary WoW!

And afterwards, everyone went to my garrison so we could take a corehound mount pic but it stuffed me up so I couldn't get into my garrison for at least 10 minutes!  Killing my world server LOL!


  1. This was really really fun to do :) Thanks for the invite.


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