Frostwolves is on Facebook and loving those advanced Combat logs

Ctwin, the GM of Onineko on Barthilas (prev from Blackrock) was nagging me to make a Facebook account so I could comment on his guild Facebook group.  Sars was also trying to lure me to Facebook so that I could see his holiday pics.

I have resisted having Facebook for the longest time and after much reluctance I made a Facebook account with the name, unsurprisingly, Navimie Taurendruid.

One thing led to another and soon I had friends from my battletag, friends from my guild... in fact, I thought this was like an additional battletag since everyone knows my battletag is full and I have to constantly delete people to I can add a new friend to talk to.

Kaye, the GM of Tribo on Barthilas (also prev from Blackrock) was also on Facebook and added me to her guild's Facebook group.  It was actually a really good way to communicate with people instantly, and I thought that perhaps I should make a Frostwolves guild page also, so that I can communicate things with the guild faster - things like changes to raid times, any last minute raid no-shows due to RL stuff, and sharing videos and other cool WoW related things.

So, with Morz helping me because I am a Facebook Noob, he got a Frostwolves group going and we slowly added people to the group.  It's good because I would like somewhere to post combat logs so that guildies can see (and not so everyone in the whole world can see) and we can compare ourselves with our peers.  It's BAD because suddenly I have to learn people's real names and try to associate them with their toons.  And another bad thing is that I am now CONSTANTLY looking at it whenever I see any updates, it's so bad that I almost feel like I should delete it!

Many people had been telling me to go to Warcraft logs for AGES (instead of using World of Logs) but I hadn't really paid attention to it, and when I told HK/Aimei (as he does all our logs) he wasn't really bothered about it until 6.0.  When he did get it started he told me that I HAD to come and look at it, as it was really cool.  He said that the advanced combat logs showed extra things now like raid positioning and you can watch it like a movie - here's a demo from Warcraftlogs on Youtube:

It was totally fascinating watching our Garrosh fight like that! I could sit there poring over those logs all day, they're so interesting!  The difference is that the map shows on the fight (it doesn't show in this demo) and that makes it look way more awesome!

Anyway, feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook if you're on it - now I can add anyone since there's no 99 friends limit like there is on battletag!


  1. I sent you a request. Now you can see the video of our reception hall!

  2. Its super awesome.

    I'm oldschool and would strongly prefer that everyone would just check a forum all the time - however i understand that kids need to get off my lawn and the only way i'm going to be able to yell at them about it is via the facebooks.

    Ultimately since pushing our facebook page harder, we find far more input from people across all of our guild (from the most casual all the way to the elite) with the only exceptions being a few of our military types who can't really be on their for employment reasons.

    Its a great way to get feedback and responses to ideas we want to do.

    1. Forums take more work though and it is tiring looking after forums, blogs, and gaming and work and family.. so facebook is easier but not everyone wants to be on facebook. But they should just do what i did and make a toon account so they can just useit for game purposes.


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