A very disappointing start to the WoD from the Saurfang perspective

Everyone has been excited all day!  We couldn't wait to get home and knuckle down with some levelling, and I went to go check out the crowds around the Dark Portal at about 640pm (WoD was to go live at 7pm AEST time).  I am sure every server looked like this.

And then about 10 minutes to 7pm, the quest started popping up for people.  Not everyone got it, it seemed to come in dribs and drabs for everyone, and it was rather laggy, which was to be expected.  Everyone tried to get to Khadgar...

But he wasn't there yet.  Or was he?  It was hard to tell with everyone all over him.  Ohhh there he is!

And then off we went through the Dark Portal.  Well, some of us.  There were long delays between people being able to click and hand in and then actually see the cinematic, and then get through the portal.  Many Frostwolves were quick off the starting block, and I wanted till HK got his so we could do our questing together.

It was the usual crush at the launch of every expansion - a billion people hitting mobs, tagging mobs, standing all over the quest guys... and it was annoying and difficult to start, but not immensely frustrating until we got to our Garrison quest.  Then it was stuck.  Apparently it was a known bug. Some people managed to go cross-realm and get their Garrison quest done, but the rest of us were in limbo trying to figure out what we were supposed to click amongst this THRONG of people.

HK and I waited around for 20 minutes and then decided to go exploring a little, doing some of the quests around the zone and looking for rares and having an unfortunate tangle with a level 100 wolf.  But then we heard rumours of the Garrison thing being hotfixed so we only had to be in the proximity of it and it would auto complete.  We started heading back and we were having a lot of lag issues.  And suddenly a whole bunch of people went offline.  And then we went offline.

When we came back on we were in Pandaria and our hearthstones were on CD.  Damnit!  So back we went to the Dark Portal and then...

The big bads began.

We couldn't get through the Dark Portal.  It would go to loading screen, pop me back to the Dark Portal, loading screen, back to Dark Portal... over and over.  I tried to step out of the portal but it wouldn't stop.  Eventually it did as after each loading screen finished I managed to take one step away from the portal and soon I was no longer touching it.  But I couldn't get back.  We tried talking to Khadgar at the shrine, or talking to him in Org, or using the portal in Org.  Nothing was working.  We couldn't go cross realm either - I tried it.  Warlock summons weren't working.  Essentially we were stranded.

But it was worse than that.  Other decided to try with other toons, and found that their alts could not get past the docks to enter Frostwolf lands.

(By the way, it was pretty awesome to Khadgar yelling "To the home of the Frostwolves!" as we left the docks to go to Frostfire ridge!)

So we ran Bloodmaul Slag mines a number of times until I got sick of it and decided to go try with Minndy.  And yes, I got stuck at the docks with everyone else.  It was rather disappointing! It seemed to me like things were broken for about 5 hours (some say it was longer, and it may well have been because I wasn't up to those quests as early as other people).

But at 2am there was finally a blue response on the forums!

Support Forum Agent
Hey guys,

I'm just stepping in this morning but I see that we're already looking in to this issue on Saurfang. It's being worked on. I'll keep you updated as soon as I have further information.

Unfortunately, pet battles wasn't keeping me awake (though the XP was ok) and I had to crash soon afterwards. Hopefully when I wake up, it will all be fixed and we can continue on to 100!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you guys had. And I thought it was bad enough just getting DCed a few times and dealing with some pretty serious lag. Guess you reminded me it could have been worse. Really hope everything will be up and running a lot better for you now!

  2. I agree, Saurfangs inabilty to get to Draenor was dissapointing. I had a 2hr wait on Barth in a que and my bf, based on Saurfang, had decided to wait for me. When we got in, the starting quests were amazing, right up until the boat time and we realised what was happening with Saurfang :( It meant an early night at our end but I see today Saurfang is up and running yay!!


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