Why one of the guild rules is "No trolling on any toon with the Frostwolves guild tag"

Whenever I go through new recruits, I always say as one of my rules:

"No trolling in trade chat on any toon that bears the Frostwolves guild tag."

I should really extend that to no trolling in dungeons and LFR.  People shouldn't be trolling anyway, it seems a bit stupid that I have to point it out as a rule.  I already have issues with one person who is constantly raging in LFR despite me saying multiple times that I really dislike that behaviour (I am not sure why they are so bad in LFR but normal at other times).  But I can't police everything - after all, we are all adults here (well, I think we are).

The reason I say that is because every now and then there is an interaction between my guildies and someone in one of these random groupings.  I remember when Lushnek was in the same LFR as Dahahka; another time Exray was in an LFR with one of my friends from Blackrock, and just the other day, Phil (Stoppableforce) told me that he saw Thohand in an LFR (Tho was tanking) and I was pleased to hear that Tho was composed when others were being ragey.

Mabaho made a post yesterday, "Hey... Are you in THE FROSTWOLVES?" which talked about him meeting someone who recognised his guild tag from the interwebz. Since it's Mabaho, who I've known since high school, I was not worried that he would be trolling or misbehaving, but I was happy to see a positive interaction from a reader!

The person he ran into was Totêmic (thank the Earthmother for cut and paste coz I can't do accents to save my life), from the guild Potential Unleashed.  Her main is Lilakian, who is the GM of Potential Unleashed, and she has a blog!  She writes at The Achievement Hunter, and likes to PvP and chase achievements (funnily enough!) and writes a lot about what she and her guildies are doing - sound familiar? Anyway, back to what I was saying, but she was happy to meet Mab and I hope that any guildie who comes across people in the big wide world who recognise our guild name returns any warm fuzzy feelings with kindness!

Thank Goodness Mab knows how to screenshot at the right moments. HINT HINT people!
I suppose it's a bit of pressure on guildies because our guild is a little more public because we have so many bloggers in our guild who talk about WoW and about our guild. And I do get that people have bad days and want to be anonymous.  They didn't want people to recognise them!  But it is what it is, and all I can reiterate is BE NICE OUT THERE. Because you never know who is going to see you.

... and you never know when I am going to come up to you and say "Hey I heard about what you did in LFR on Monday...."

Navi knows all!


  1. You know you've been caught misbehaving when Navi /whispers you, "Hey! Listen!"

  2. I thought my guild was the only one that had that no trolling rule.

    Kind of funny a few of us have a horde guild called "we be trolling" comprised of only troll characters, but that is another story all together.

    Have to love when you run into someone you read online. I've ran into quite a few and a few even know me from my character that was in a guild with 3 or 4 bloggers. I usually shoot a wave or a whisper saying, I know you, but that is about it. It makes me day to see someone I read. I think I get more excited to see them than they are to get noticed.

    1. Totally not true. I've never been noticed but I know if someone saw me I would be REALLY happy to meet a reader! But of course, if I saw someone I recognised I would also be super excited to say hello to them - but I rarely do random things except battlegrounds so my chances of running into people are slim.

  3. Oh to be famous !!! LOL
    I have never been approached by anyone in the wild other than Navi, but I have a readsership of approx 9 people :p heheehh


    1. Ok I admit I have had readers approach me and I have been thrilled to meet them. Don't know about famous though. And you have more than 9 readers. I am one!


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