What ARE those Brewfest guys yelling??

It's been a few years since I did any of the dailies for Brewfest, and I haven't really touched it (except to queue for Coren Direbrew) since I had all the things for the achievement.  However, with Toy Box coming, Luxy told me to go collect some toys.  Luckily I have Minndy for that now since bag space is at a premium so I thought hey I'll do the dailies on my little warlock.

I vaguely remembered the ram racing.  I did need some orienting though - I had run down to Razor Hill wondering where I was supposed to go (because I was sure that was what I had done before) and then I realised it wasn't that way at all, I was supposed to run to Bladefist bay.  Whoops.  And trying to remember where all those apple buckets were.... yeah it wasn't a very good run that first day.

And, I was standing around sampling all the Brewfest foods, I swear... those Brewfest guys are all yelling... a rude word.

So I said in guild.  "Is it just me or are they all screaming ASSHOLE?"

Once you've heard it, you know what I mean.  And you can't seem to hear anything else.  I looked it up, they're actually saying GUZZLE.  But once you hear asshole, you always hear asshole.

I'm worried I won't get my 400 coins before the end of Brewfest.  I'm 103 coins short atm.  Maybe I should get 100 on Navi to buy my toys JUST IN CASE.

Oh, and Ratshag was writing about naming Inns - he liked two word names like the "Prancing Pony". He wanted to have a tavern in his Garrison.  I thought of a perfect name.  The Pink Elekk.


  1. They's yellin' "asshole". Nuthin' gonna convince me otherwise. And "The Pink Elekk" totally works :)

  2. I always heard "Mazel!" (as in "mazel tov")

  3. They want their Brewfest mounts! They are yelling at Coren Direbrew 'ASSHOLE!'

  4. They are definitely yelling asshole, it ruins the whole thing if they aren't, lol.

    1. Guess you can't put mature filter on game sound lol


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