Raiding - A forced break from raiding means a week of more fun stuff!

Exray wanted to have a break this week but I thought we'd give it one more shot on Paragons, but we did not have success. Lushen of course, would have a break too.  Brahski came along since he was free and we did hope we could duplicate our awesome efforts the other week with that 4% wipe on the last Paragon, but we didn't get anywhere near that. Ah well.

So, we wondered what to do on Thursday.  Luxy's friend Sora (whose toon's name was Nathus) joined our guild on one of his many alts and offered to tank for us.  At first my impression of him was someone very serious, but Luxy reassured me he tells lots of jokes and is quite relaxed and fun, though he does take his raiding seriously.  I was worried he was too serious for us.

But I needn't have worried.  We decided to get the guild achievements for Sha of Fear and Lei Shen instead. Which were not cakewalks and still required us to concentrate :D

Sora told "Dad jokes" one of the other, which endeared him to our raiders, and put them all at ease. Put me at ease too because maybe he wasn't the stick in the mud I thought he was.

So we knocked over all the heroic Terrace of the Endless Spring bosses, and that was exciting because we got Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider as well, which got us the Thundering Jade Serpent mount for the guild!

More sea sick mount serpents I won't be riding!

Off to Lei Shen after that, and we did that after multiple attempts, and it was a messy kill but we did it!

Yay for more achieves for me and for Frostwolves!


  1. Yayy Grats, Achievement hunting is fun :)

  2. Grats. Looks like you got a lot of fun achievements done during your raiding break. :D

    1. It is still raiding so not really a break but I guess it is a break from progression raiding :)

  3. Lei Shen video is here:

    yay for achievements :>


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