Proof that even Noob DPS CAN do Brawlers

When that Noob DPS is me, that's saying something.  Gear can carry you a hell of a long way.

Everyone knows how bad I am at DPS.  I struggle being a melee.  Why did I choose to be a melee DPS?  Because I thought it best to try to confront my fears and weaknesses and attempt to improve myself. What's the worst that could happen right?  That I could fail? Well, I was already doing that so trying and failing.. is that much different?  But at least I tried.

In hindsight, the only thing that melee DPS made me do, really, was make my bags full of crap and I still only do mediocre DPS (in my bags I have PvE feral gear, PvP feral gear, resto PvE gear and resto PvP gear).  In fact, my damage is so terrible (as in I don't know how to play properly) that I can't even do silver damage proving grounds on it.  There. I said it. Yes, I am a bad player.  So there. You can laugh at me as much as you want, but I did try and I am just stupid at running around.

Anyway, enough about how sucky I am.  Well, actually, this post is all about how sucky I am.  What this post is about is to say that is that even the suckiest person can muddle their way through Brawlers at end game (which, by the way, I think they are justified to take away because really, I've cheapened the achievement with my lack of skill)

I managed to get through rank 1-7 just with gear and a little bit of avoidance.  Rank 8 I was stuck on Hexos for the longest time and I thought I would never get through it.  However, Luxy told me that some of her friends had one person do the turning, and another person doing the DPS rotation.  What a great idea!

Lucky ol' HK.  My forever go to person for helping me do movement things which I'm bad at.

So we had many goes as well, the two of us, but the time we finally got it, I wasn't even looking at the boss so I missed the whole thing.  I was so busy concentrating on my rotation that I didn't realise it was dead.  Yay!  In fact I was concentrating so HARD that I didn't take any screenshots.  I'll just borrow Mctacky's.

The rest of the Rank 8 went well and didn't cause me too much trouble.  It was rank 9 had two big fiddly bits for me.  The first one was Nibbleh.  I had watched it quite a few times and I thought I had the idea of how to do it.  Tacky and I even practiced walking backwards - keyboard walking is not something I have difficulty with.  I made myself walk slow with the / because I was sure I would be walking too fast in cat form.

But though a lot of the time I never stopped, Nibbleh still managed to touch poison and grow big.  There were of course times when I touched the edge of the pools, and other times when I had let go of the backwards walk for whatever reason.  But I was perplexed for the other times, and even Crooked had watched me and wondered about it.  I figured it was because I was taking the corners that little bit too sharp.  So more rounded corners and I was doing much better.  Yay.

Then the next block was Ahoo'ru.  I had read Dragonray and McTacky's versions of the fight and I knew how it was done.  I was just really lousy at running around things.  I pull mobs all the time in caster form by accident, did I really think that I could avoid them in cat form?  I did consider going bear for survivability... but my ass is even BIGGER then so I thought well, that's not going to help with me avoiding stuff.

Crooked, McTacky and Luxy offered me moral support and it was in the early hours of Friday morning that I finally managed to succeed with Ahoo'ru.  Most of the tips that Crooked and McTacky gave me I tried to do - like get all three of the angels up and DPS them down rather than do it one at a time, and not to stand in melee because those stars contract in and then expand out. Luxy and Tacky were there to see me finally do it (3am!!) before I hit the pillow in exhaustion.

I really never thought I would see this, but here I am!

Luxy has a new barbarian orc transmog.  Lots of green flesh, but she has switched herself to blood elf for this picture.  It's funny you know - on an orc, I think she looks like a fighter.  On a prettier toon like a Blood Elf, it just looks like a flamboyant display of skin.  Interesting, because what I am wearing on my druid I also think makes her look like a fighter than a skimpy dresser.

I still have a few more achievements in Brawlers to get... but honestly, I could not be bothered.  I have never had that Vial for the challenge card for Splat drop from my scenarios and I would rather kill dinosaurs than queue endlessly for scenarios.  As for getting the shirts from the challenge cards I already DO have...

I just don't have the bank space!  6.0 can't get here fast enough, yet also, it's here too soon.  There's just no pleasing some people :P


  1. Congrats, Navi!
    Three cheers for all your helpers, too!

    It's funny how much the race of the model can affect how a particular outfit looks. As you've said, something that looks tough and rugged on an orc or a tauren can look rather silly on a blood elf. And something that looks refined and elegant on a blood elf can look rather silly on an orc or a tauren!

    1. I think because they are not classically attractive that they can be less ... sensuous for lack of a better word. But i love my tauren, I think they are gorgeous!

  2. I am not a noob DPS and those fights are giving me fits! Congratulations!

    1. You can ask CD rogue to help a little bit! I felt no shame in asking for help! :D
      And gear carried me. Seriously!


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