Capturing the 6.0 reaction - looking back at the past few days

The excitement builds as you watch that little bar moving slowly along the screen, patching away.  My battletag was going crazy with people asking me when I was going to login.

"Nav!" said Sev.  ":("
"What's wrong?" I said.
"My face... it's all wrong!  I look... OLD."
"Wait till you see me," I said.  "Party up with me when I login, and we can go to the barber shop together.  We have to do a before makeover shot."

"You're looking too cheerful there, Nav," said Sev.
"I look a bit goofy," I said, abashedly.
I think the constant showing of teeth bothers me.  When Navi looks around to the sides, she closes her mouth.  I wish she would have a closed mouth all the time. And I don't mean that in the "Hey, shut up" way either :P

LOL and you gotta love the low res clothes with a high res face :D

Fix-it Felix jr says dreamily to Calhoun: "Look at that high definition! Your face.... it's amazing!" - From Wreck-it Ralph
Sev and I both went to the barber but I sat in the chair looking at the different faces but I didn't want to change her face too  much.  I liked the green eyes.  So I ended up not doing anything.

Oh and there is my new Stormwing.  A reward for 600 pets.  You can see it up there in the top picture with me and Sev.

Things are still a little buggy.  Everyone has been trying out old raids, and some things seem easy to faceroll, others are still hard - apparently Exray was doing ToC 25 man and died because the kobolds still do 100k dmg on our squished down health!

And no more Wintersgrasp or Tol Barad queuing, it seems.  Damn, I still need my 100 wins in Wintersgrasp and it had been fun doing it with Tacky, Crooked, Kahrax and Luxy.  I'll miss that.

Oh, I do miss my 45g from handing in Lesser charm of Good Fortune for 3 Warforged seals - now you can hand it in as much as you want.  Damn!  I was secretly hoping to make lots of gold with my lesser coins - guess THAT idea got thrown out the window!  Looks like I wasn't the only one to miss it either!

I do like the autosorting of bags.  I also love all my bankspace now that there is new tab of void storage, a professions tab where stuff stacks to 200, and a toybox.  I lament the fact I threw out half my toys  because of bag space and now I have to go collect them again.  Things like the Golden Banana, Brazier of Dancing Flames, Darkmoon Whistle, Eternal Kiln, Faded Wizard Hat, Elune's Lantern, Power Converter... I never collected toys before because they wasted room!  But now since I like collecting things, it's something new to do again.  Oh and thank goodness all those Archaeology things I threw away are now back in the toy tab.  Phew!

Druid travel form is now nice and tidy too! It does automatically put you into the fastest form possible for wherever you are (so even if you want to run on the ground it puts you in flight form in some places), but the BEST thing about it is when swimming.  How many druids out there have accidentally popped out of the water when in swim form and it puts you in caster and you have to go back to swim form?  Well no longer! Now when you're swimming and you pop out of the water you go into stag/cheetah but as soon as you submerge you go back into swim form.  SUPER cool.

Group finder button is great now because everything is in there - PvE and PvP, under little tabs. Someone had to tell me because I was looking for my PvP button but couldn't find it to queue for stuff.

UBRS has been ok, kinda forget you can't faceroll it - well not exactly.  I hear lots of pugs having trouble and because I haven't pugged it, it's not been that bad.  I went with PlaidElf today and my guildies, Aurii, Brae and Boozington, and we had a few wipes (because I was not paying attention - bad Navi!) but it was good because Boozington got some upgrades.  That may have been why we had wipes... :D but I'll happily take the blame for now.  And also, I am sure, like everyone else, we've been wondering how to get to the other 2 bosses, having only done 3 in the level 90 version. And wasn't it cool to see Awbee all grown up and ALIVE!

If Awbee is of the blue Dragonflight... is her real name Awbeegosa?
It was long ago, but Awbee was one of the whelps taken and her brothers and sisters experimented on to create the Chromatic dragonflight.  In the old UBRS she was outside the Beasts room and used to give a quest (long since removed).  Here is a transcript of what she used to say (taken from Wowhead):

Image from Wowhead

Awbee: I... I am badly injured...

Us: You will be ok, Awbee. Your assailants have been terminated.

Awbee: Listen, Tauren. Listen well...  The dragon riders came in the night, mounted atop the black flight. They struck fast and with deadly precision, taking young whelps - such as me - and escaping under the veil of darkness.I watched in horror as they used my brothers and sisters in their experiments. From our essence would be created the chromatic flight.

Us: Continue please...

Awbee: Nefarian had ordered that unsuitable subjects be destroyed immediately, but these wretched beasts would not do so without first inflicting an 'ample' amount of torture.
When we were thoroughly 'broken,' they would round up what remained and throw us to these thugs. Our bodies were used as instruments in their sick game: thrown into the lava or worse; to the open and waiting arms of the bloodthirsty legion below.


Awbee: You came along just as they were about to throw me to the fiends below - for that, I thank you. Perhaps, I - rather - we, of the blue flight, can assist you further? You have come this far, Tauren, risked much. Will you go a ways further to battle Nefarian and his legion of Blackrock?

Us: Absolutely.

And I like Zaela. I look forward to fighting her in Draenor!

Moving right along... trade chat has been full of complaining!  "Where is this ability?  This sucks!" seems to be the common theme.  "It's too simple now!" say others.  Geez, who needs a zillion abilities anyway!  Not enough hotkeys IMO!  I have to say I am rather pleased with the changes, although SotF is not really working well for me and I seemed to do better with Treants last night in raid.  But I am feeling it for the hunters, wow are they hating it at the bottom of the damage!  Warriors seem to be immensely amazing at the moment, with Kahrax doing very impressive damage in some fights in Mythic.  That should make Moopie happy when he comes back - he said he'd be back in December.

The quest lines to get The Iron Invasion wasn't too bad, and I think that the Iron Starlette is a cool pet. Luxy tells me that is a very POWERFUL pet, much like how Fluxfire Feline used to be!  I shall level it soon and see how it is.  The Bronze Whelpling has a dreadful drop rate and I got one thanks to Nokturn.


  1. I miss my old fluxfire feline, hated when they changed it, and yes, the new pet really is like the old fluxfire. I like it.

    I feel bad for hunters too... oh wait, I am a hunter. /cries

    1. You know fluxfire was way overpowered. I think maybe the starlette will go that way too but I shall be enjoying it while it lasts. And my condolences to your hunter's DPS... I am sure you are missing it.

  2. I'm not fond of the mouth hanging open, and wish that it were closed, like when I look from side to side, ALL the time, too. :/

    1. So many people ask me about what I think about my tauren. And someone said cows always have their mouth open and I said tauren are close to cows like draenei are to goats.

  3. Every character I have but my Tauren is ugly now.

    1. Make an orc female? :) I think they're looking fab, as are troll females!

  4. Hi Navimie, Just dropping by... letting you know that if possible you can update my blog link the old one is discontinue and i lost most of my blog posts since March 2014.. so i got back to the old one please update it! Thank you hon!

    1. Updated! Glad to hear from you Amerence - Syrco was worried about you!

    2. Yea i know i already spoken to her via twitter. Thanks Navimie i will still try to post anything every week... despite the crazy schedule! <3 Nice to hear from you again! take care girl!


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