Raiding - You win some you lose some

Wednesday was a good raid day. Thursday was not so good.

I mean it's not a really good comparsion.  Easy bosses were done on Wednesday and slightly harder ones done on Thursday.  Morz has been out of action both days as his computer is in the shop, and I was worried about Iron Juggernaut.  But, it turns out we didn't need to worry.

Immerseus went down ok with 2 heals (yay a 1 shot - phew!) and Protectors was easy enough.  Noru and Sha weren't any drama.  We started substituting the shamans in for Noru and Sha - suddenly we had 4 shamans and it was WEIRD!  I was thinking look at all that Ancestral guidance and Healing tide totems! I think Crooked got a tier piece.  Then we took them all to Galakras as well.  And wouldn't you know it, I don't think any of them used a Healing tide - I suppose we didn't really need it anyway.  The Galakras kill was nice and clean.  Aza picked up some new shoes somewhere along the way.  Happy that people are still getting loot!  I also started using my coin rolls for this chance of a "heroic warforged" - before long I won't have anything to roll on because we're extending so I might as well, right?

Then it was time for Iron Juggernaut.  I had been dreading it because we sometimes struggle to 3 heal it - what was 2 healing it going to be like?  I was hoping that with an extra DPS we wouldn't have a second siege phase because it would probably be really ugly!  But, shamans have such good cooldowns that I think that made the fight a lot easier to heal that I thought, and we also had an extra Anti magic zone from Drauka which helped for the last knockback and with the healing tide totems out that really helped, and can you believe it, we got it the second go.  Wewt!  So, next time, apparently we're going to have 1 healer and 1 tank and 8 DPS, and Morz is going to solo heal it and they're going to kill it before siege phase.

Dark Shamans needed two goes as well to get down - not the cleanest of kills but it was dead a few minutes after the end of raid, and Luxy got her trinket, yay!

Thursday was a slightly different matter.  Wiped a  bit on Nazgrim, and Drauka picked up a nice heroic warforged 1H weapon.  I took the tier token for my off-off-spec.  Then we were on Malkorok and Crooked came for a try or three and Jazz jumped out.  It's not easy for a first timer, especially a ranged, and we were also stuck with 2 melee which was really annoying too.  We didn't get it and Crooked jumped out and Jazz came back in.  Got Malkorok down, rolled our eyes at his loot and then on to Spoils.  Ravzz hadn't successfully killed Spoils yet, so I expected it would take some time, and it did.  We didn't get it, and I was the stuff up on the last attempt because Nath died and then I died trying to run over and rez him (I'm sure I stood in something bad).  It turned out later Nath stepped in something bad so it wasn't TOTALLY my fault, but deaths on my side always feel like my fault, so I felt a bit poopy after that.  Thank god Morz is back on Monday, so that I can sit out for Spoils!