How awesome the WoW Community is... again!

I saw this on Twitter, and went to go have a read, and it was a sad yet heartwarming post.  It was by a husband who was thanking everyone in Blizzard for making the wonderful games that they do because his wife and him love the game, and she has been diagnosed with cancer.  However, they seem really positive about everything, and are looking forward to Blizzcon and as many expansions as they can.

There are a HUGE number of responses on that thread, and you can't help but want to help too.  So I made a toon on the server and sent a message to Sai (and a pet - it is WoW after all, gotta give something game related, right?) and later in the day I logged in again, waited to see if other Equilibrium people would be online.

And she was online, and it was a mixture of dread and apprehension when I typed and deleted a suitable greeting so as to give my well wishes to Cillie.  I hated to think I was jumping on a bandwagon, and why would a total stranger have anything to say about my feelings towards her diagnosis or her situation?  But when I thought about it, I know I would have been friendly so why do I worry that people wouldn't be?  It's silly of me!

I sent her a hesitant whisper to which she replied to with a warm hello!  I didn't think I'd get to meet her, but I wanted to give my regards, and she was lovely and polite - it was getting close to her event that they were organising and I am sure that she was super busy talking to zillions of people, and it was nice of her to take the time to talk to me!  I wished her well, asked her where I could make a donation (for those of you who want to donate, you can click here) and I headed off to do that and thought about whether I should join in the activities or not.  I felt a bit shy about it (and it was a bad time of day - smack bang in the middle of family time)

However if you look at the outpouring of support for her by her guildies and husband, then you could see that she was well liked, well loved and well respected.  They are a raiding guild who have similar progression to us.  And when you read her story - it was hard not to identify with her.  A young female guild leader, horde side, with a large guild who is raiding?  Well minus the young part, but thinking about it drew some parallels - change a few things and that could be me in her situation! And like most people, you tend to feel the most moved when the situations are similar to your own.

I also realised that if anyone offered their condolences or respects or best wishes to me, I would be flattered and honoured by their efforts.  So it was foolish of me to think she would be anything other than kind.  There are those who in the same situation would just want people to leave them alone while they grieved but that didn't seem to be what Cillie was like.  In fact she was grateful, friendly and encouraged me to take part in her games but large crowds of unknown people make me nervous.  But if my guildies read this they would probably know that I would start talking to some random stranger I was standing next to and next thing you know they would be invited to flex or something LOL.

Anyway, it sounds like they had a great time!  And they also raid a good amount of money :) And I even had a message from Sai thanking me for my mail to him.  How could I NOT like someone who loves WoW as much as me?  I have my fingers crossed for them, but as a doctor, and knowing her diagnosis and age... I can only hope for the best, yet expect the worst, and hope that they find joy in every little moment they have - because life really is too short for being miserable!