Staying up late to watch THE Blizz announcment

A couple of crazy Frostwolves stayed up till 230 to watch the stream live on Gamespot and it was a good crowd!  McTacky, Luxy, Sars, Exray, Asuna, Morz, Shou and myself were hanging out in guild and a couple of us were on Vent (telling Tacky to stop talking) and listening to all the announcements.

It was like a mini Blizzcon really.  There was lots of talking, showing us screenies and gameplay from Warlords of Draenor - things that people in the beta would know well.

Ashran looked exciting - somewhere for me to waste time and grind achievements :D And to hear that the prepatch would be some UBRS to get us ready for WoD - I think a lot of us were excited to see that as UBRS was a much loved dungeon in its day!

Watching all the things on Orcs, and the Horde, made me feel excited and proud to be horde.  Luxy was talking about how she was to be an orc!

The introduced mini series was good.  Lords of War, another lore insider story like The Burdens of Shaohao.  Don't read beyond this bit if you don't want spoilers, but it was good to see Kargath and the origin of the Shattered Hand. I can't wait to watch the rest.

And a release date...


Just 3 months from now!

And then the cinematic which we were all waiting for, kept till the very end...

Amazing animation as usual for the cinematic!  Now how am I supposed to sleep after seeing that!  Orcs not drinking the blood of Mannoroth?  Now that was a revelation to me!  LOL and Mannoroth DIDN'T KILL THE ENGINEER and got the spinny wheel in the face!

I think it's time to get my annual leave in order for some solid days of gameplay! :D  Who's going to join me!


  1. Haha, oh I'm with you, as soon as the trailer ended, I was off booking my days off. C:
    Pretty excited about this! The video was GORGEOUS!

    ... to be honest, I'm not 100% done with Pandaria yet! I know some people complain, but there is always SO much to do. I haven't even had time to touch pet battling, yikes!


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