Raiding - Training wheels are off for Ravzz and things are looking smooth

It's official. Ravzz can heal heroics.

I had warned him to read up on Iron Juggernaut yesterday and he said he would.  And when raid time came around, Morz had a crashing computer and couldn't login, leaving us with just 2 healers - Ravzz and myself. Tensai was not online and neither was Koda so I had no backups.

Unfortunately Morz kept logging in and out so I thought he was coming and so Drauka had a lot of "Oh Morz is here, can you zone out Drauka," then a min later "Ok, Morz isn't here, come back," then "Oh there's Morz..." so I'm sure Drauka was getting rather pissy and he'd already had a bad day with some bad news at home with nasty people breaking into his house and stealing his stuff :(

We had many goes on Immerseus - sometimes it's just like that.  People got to 7-8 stacks and blew up. People dying to the spray.  Being blown up with blobs hitting the water because one zone wasn't covered.  You know, little things like that.  And 2 healing didn't help.  But we eventually did it and I was like wow, we've never done that before.  Not having Morz around makes me look like an amazing healer.  No absorbs = win for overhealing HoTs druids.

Then I realised we would be 2 healing protectors as well, and that was also a first.  But we had always suspected we would be able to do that anyway and with 2 DKs interrupts should be good.  That was fine too.  The rest of the raid went rather smoothly, and we even managed to one shot Iron Juggernaut and Dark Shamans.  By Galakras, Morz had managed to get back online and heal and have his turn at stuffing up EP by giving away loots for free.  And Dark Shamans dropped double warforged loot  - Aza was thrilled to finally get his Kardris' Toxic Totem and Aimei got Damron's belt of Darkness. Drauka as usual picked up tons of loot and is never going to get any loot from new bosses because his PR is so LOW!  He got heroic tier chest and rolled a weapon (Xifeng) and also got a belt (Demolisher's reinforced belt) AND a trinket (Evil Eye of Galakras)... none of which he wanted to use because he had no valour to upgrade them LOL

Iron Juggernaut was so close - he enraged as we killed him as we had 2 DPS dead for a while.  But the healing was smoothish (even though I died and had to be rezzed - Jazz had died at the same time but didn't take her rez so we could keep going) and I really do think that shamans are better for that fight than paladins.

Wonder how tonight will go?  Maybe we'll get up to Blackfuse tonight!  Maybe we can 3 heal Thok for a change!  OH the Maybes!