Raiding - Raidbreaker Blackfuse is broken!

Ok, I just spoiled the entire post with that title!

I was disappointed that we hadn't got it on Thursday but fortunately using the other group's lockout we could get back on track as if nothing happened.  There were a lot of things worrying me.  I was worried I would be the big F-up again.  I was worried people were going to watch the stream.  AND I was worried that I had promised a 25 man Garrosh and if we didn't get the boss down, people would want to continue on Blackfuse.

So the stream was going and people were watching, and I felt like it must have been really boring! We had a lot of blah attempts, and not getting below 35% but eventually we had a 3% wipe and that was progress!

I still got hit by bombs.  And I got hit by my share of sawblades too.  Embarrassing that it was all for everyone to see in the stream.  There was one during a magnet phase and I got knocked off the platform, and I thought I died, but somehow I was ported back up.  I thought it was a lifegrip but I think it was just an automatic teleport!

My personal achievement was living through the first laser of magnet phase. So far I had not lived through one, but now I have.  I was happy about that except everyone else died...

It was coming up to 1030pm and there weren't 25 people on, and I said that if there weren't 25 people on we weren't going to do 25 man Garrosh.  I felt bad, but I had a few people (who would have raided) tell me to continue doing the boss, because we were so close!

And then, on the attempt AFTER I said we weren't doing the 25 man Garrosh, we got it.  I died near the end, when the boss was on 6% or so, and the DPS were tunnelling and trying to get Blackfuse down... then it was at 1% and the boss had the shield up and everyone was throwing everything they got.....


Shoulders went to Jazz - surprisingly nobody wanted it!  Ring went to Drauka, so yay, all loots taken!

Felt like a huge relief.. except, that we will have to do this boss sometime again so that we can hit up Garrosh.  But that won't be for a while.  Next week we're going to go Paragons and since we can't do Heroic Garrosh because the earlier bosses were cleared on normal, we'll do our guild 25 man normal on Monday next week and then reset after that, and that will be the last reset we'll do until 6.0, I think.

Oh gawd. We're turning into The Bushido Project! :P

Oh, and there were little guild funnies that I wanted to put in here, and mostly related to the stream.  I told the few who were following that the stream was going up, and then Tacky decided to announce it to the guild.  I didn't think there would be much interest TBH other than the people who wanted to watch and learn, but there were some gems in guild that made me giggle.

I forgot to turn sound off and because I was talking to Aimei on Skype the sound was looping!!! It was really bizarre!

Dragonray was watching and the poor baby was tired (being ill does that) and also because I had practically twisted her arm to get her on at 1030 and we didn't do Garrosh.  She said that the watching the stream was turning her on.  To which many of us replied, is she watching the right stream...?

Daenerys also made me laugh, because she was watching the stream and said that she realised that it was a silly thing to do because she could just go over and watch it on Drauka's screen.

Someone, I think it was Kahrax, said my UI was boring.  Everyone is a critic!

And, one of Exray's friends was trolling in the channel. I SUSPECT THAT WAS ASUNA!

Anyway by the end, streaming it wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be.  People probably got bored and stopped watching after all those wipes, so nobody will really be watching!  And yes I made mistakes and the whole guild could see.  But maybe that just makes me more human.  I've never claimed to be a leet player - and now everyone can see that I'm not!  Everyone has the potential to be a heroic raider - all it takes is some dedication and some heart.


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