Raiding - I almost got out of Spoils

Once a month on a Thursday I might finish late.  It was that Thursday and I told people I couldn't make raid, and hopefully Tensai and Ravzz could fill in the gap.

Wednesday had gone OK but we had gotten a bit stuck on Dark Shaman because Aza had heard that if we wait long enough, Ji Firepaw gets executed and Aysa Cloudsinger rushes in and dies also.  So when we got to Valley of Strength we waited for a bit.

And waited.  "This is mean," said Tensai.  "Can't you just watch the video instead?"

"It takes 15 minutes," Luxy said.  So we started clearing the trash around him, and checked on them every now and then.  Then as we were doing one last bit of trash, there was a shout "It's started!"

Ji was executed and Aysa ran in but Exray denied her the death she was destined and he pulled the mobs and we killed them as she was kicking them, and so she lived, but after the mobs died, Ji's body despawned. She wept for him and then she ran away!

Anyway for whatever reason, Dark Shaman wasn't crash hot.  There were 2 walls which were weird.  One went across the room and I died in it, and on another attempt there was no wall, and Aimei and I wondered if he had placed the wall perfectly inside the wall of Grommash Hold.  It turned out Jazz had somehow got agro and the wall was placed where she was, and she went splat.

So on Thursday, with me not being there, and just Ravzz and Morz healing, Dark shaman was a one shot. And Ravzz even got the Dark Shaman transmog!!! Then Nazgrim went well (Ravzz got the Tier gloves - funny coz he had flex ones for so long and he only just upgraded them to normal on Sunday, and now he has heroic ones), and even Malkorok was a one shot.  I was amazed.  Mostly because Ravzz had not done those Malk or Dark Shaman on heroic and he had done well - I was honestly worried about Malkorok, but the others reassured me that he did very well.  In fact, he was doing so well they were on Spoils.  I was hoping maybe he would do brilliantly on that too so I could not do Spoils, but though he made some good progress he stepped out.

I was happy to raid, even though it's Spoils, and the first time I died from being stupid and getting stunned by the statues, but the second time it went very well.  Nath even got to upgrade his heroic warforged mail belt to another heroic warforged belt... ! Luxy also took a belt upgrade as well. Then we had 2 goes on Thok and we had the best transition ever on P1 but unfortunately died as we opened the cage slightly slowly leading to some funny Thok positioning.  The second go we had we died in P1 because we didn't transition for some bizarre reason!  Anyway, that will leave Thok for Monday and some more attempts at Blackfuse.

So, looks like Ravzz is getting there!


  1. Oooh, you added the missing word! I was wondering what Ravzz was getting :P

    1. How dorky am I, publishing unfinished posts!!!


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