Raiding - First look at Paragons

I am sure that I mirror most people who look at the Paragons fight on heroic and think "OMG I actually have to pay attention to mechanics now???" Because, I know the only mechanic I really knew was kill the amber and drag people away from the kunchong.  Oh yeah I know the aim you gotta have a few people stand in it, and don't stand in the amber on the ground.  Maybe I did know a mechanic or two more than I thought I did.

But I watched the fight and it was a bit confusing.  All of us had our heads full and everyone had their 2c to say but fortunately Exray had his head sorted and he told us the order to do it and we did it boss by boss rather than get bogged down with all the details.

So.  They started hitting Rikkal so that the bloods went to him and then the other tank dragged Skeer away and then the next bloods were heading to him and we had to kill Skeer before the bloods got to him and healed him.  And this was a bit new - parasites were spawning and every now and then someone got mutated into a scorpion and they had to go eat a parasite.  I wanted to see that but it seems that healers don't get the scorpion debuff.  The poor DPS didn't like it because it made their damage go to poo and they also took more damage.

The first couple of goes were a bit fiddly as the tanks kept mitigating the hits and so parasites weren't spawning or something.  Damn being overgeared they said!  Also, having ox out didn't help LOL.

Hisek was doing aim and also doing this Rapid fire which was slow comet like things shooting out in a circle from Hisek which were easily avoidable at range but difficult to dodge in melee which of course I had to do a token stupid death of playing around in melee because I was trying to be clever and stand in my derp circle with my parasite so I would get some passive healing.  I didn't know this but the shadow priests and hunters can cheese the aim with dispersion and feign death.  That saves me some raid damage!

Mana seems to be a bit tight in that fight.  By the end of the night we had slid backwards a bit, with the last couple of attempts unable to even get Skeer down before the bloods got to him.  It was annoying that I couldn't root, typhoon, disorienting roar or faerie fire slow them so I felt rather useless.  I bet Ursol's Vortex doesn't work either.

But we have all day today to keep going and learning it.  At least I feel like I'm enjoying myself.  Doing it bug by bug gives me a chance to learn it at my snail pace and I think everyone will be in a good mood for more attempts tonight.  It was Jazz's birthday yesterday so she was a little bit merry and may have been slower than normal, but I still had a fun night.

OK, this time for real!  We're doing 25 man Garrosh on Monday!  Guildies, you better be on!  I am loathe to pug people because I want to be able to do our first full guild 25 man normal Garrosh.  It may be the only time we do it this expansion as we work our way towards the heroic version!


  1. The way you are doing it is the best way to learn. I remember when someone mentioned it on my blog and said it was hard. I asked how hard can it be, we one shot it the first time we saw it on normal. They said, just wait until you get there. A few months later I was like, holy crap they were right. I think it is the hardest fight in there on heroic. Good luck, you will get it.

    1. Thanks TGE, I am not expecting a pushover, but suddenly my brain seems rather full thinking about everything I am supposed to remember!

  2. It's even worse on 25H, Grumpy :P

    "I didn't know this but the shadow priests and hunters can cheese the aim with dispersion and feign death. That saves me some raid damage!"

    So can mages with invis, rogues with vanish, druids who symbiosis for Dispersion or Vanish, and anything else that can "drop aggro" like that.

    1. Sigh, mages and rogues. What are those? I wish I had some of those in the raid! And there is only one druid in the raid.... /cough.

  3. Shadow Priests can disperse, yes. But all priests can 'Spectral Guise' and solo Aim lines too 'wink'

    Monks can Zen Med as well.

    You'll kill it, I can feeeeeel it! Good luck!

    <3 Kaye

    1. Thanks Kaye! AND BEING A DRUID SUCKS FOR CC for this fight!!!!


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