Pet Battles: Major Payne's Advanced Pet Battle Training with Lindsay in Redridge

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Well, Payne has decided to send you on a training mission that's sure to warm your heart . . . just before your soul is crushed! You're off to Redridge Mountains to face Lindsay's vicious team of bunnies. To reiterate your instructions: you’ll need to assemble a team of two level-4 pets and one level-5 pet. The level-4 pets can be either Undead or Elemental, and your level-5 pet can be either Humanoid or Beast.

Keep them in this order, and see if you can best Lindsay. Come on back here to tell us how you did when you're done!

P.S. There is a hidden secret in the blog. Can you find it?

So this time Major Payne has sent us out to beat up the cute widdle bunny wabbits of a sweet little girl.  I had to level a couple of pets to get them to level 4, and this is what I chose:

Critters are strong against Undead, and Critters take less damage from Elemental abilities, so I tried to find some beast abilities in the pets that I chose, and Mr Bigglesworth and Tiny Shale Spider seemed to fit that just fine.  Of course, those poor guys died while I let the Spider take all the glory.

Oh and I found the secret!  It's HERE!

If you're too lazy to go to the blog and click the full stop after "losing", you can click here to see why Crithto said "Winning is going to feel like losing."  Gee I'm a big meanie :P  Made a little human girl cry.