New readers, new guildies and new guild achievements and I need a new week!

On Saturday I logged on and started trying to get the Flex sorted and chat to everyone, and someone whom I didn't know whispered me, who was a pet collector!  I was cursing my UI because I set it to default the other day because I had some weird issues and then I forgot to turn on new whispers into a new chat window.  This person was a level 90 who was a pet collector and I would have loved to talk to her more... except I can't remember her name!

It was like Zelobin, but I wasn't sure and the guild was not one I recognised.  They said to me that they were just behind me in the number of pets and was number #2 on the server.  Which I was confused by, because the person just behind me on the server was from Bushido Project from memory and I had never seen them online to be able to chat to them.

She was very friendly - she said she read my blog and I thanked her and I wanted to say more, but I thought it would sound really insipid!  And self centred. I asked her what pets she didn't have and it was just Tyrael, the Collector's Editions and one other thing, maybe the PvP one.  But she had all the RAF I think.  To be honest I'm not sure if it was a guy or a girl, but the toon was a female, so I will refer to her as a she.

Then by the time I finished sorting out the raid and talking to Ultra (one of Aza's friends from Caelestrasz) about joining the guild, she was gone, and our whispers were gone and I couldn't remember her name!

So Detective Navimie went hunting.  I looked at the list of people who were the top pet battlers on the server and went through their lists.  Still there wasn't anyone except Kaix and Jazeel on the list.  And with WoW Armo(u)ry down looking up other toons was a bit dicey.  However, I managed to get a clue!

When I was looking at Guildox, I went into Jazeel's profile - she was #2 on the server for uniques - and it showed her alts, and one of them listed was Zelobia.  Which I was SURE must be the name of the person because it was so close and Jazeel (who was from the guild The Bushido project).  Interesting because I remember wondering about Jazeel as I had never managed to see them in game, but members of The Bushido Project seems to only logon at raid times.  But, it was nice to meet another pet battler.  Gosh I'd better watch what I saw about TBP then! /grin

Interestingly though, Lyconah (GM of TBP) whispered me talking asking about the raidID wipe, and he'd put in a ticket.  I said to him that we were using the normals lockout to extend the raid, and he said to me that they had been extending for a couple of months.  My eyes nearly fell out of my head - a couple of months!!! They must all be very like minded (ie determined to get to the end of the expansion) because I don't think I could do that. I said to Lyconah it's a chance for them to get more gear (though I'd worry because having extended it for that long you might forget how the other fights go). Anyway hopefully they do a normal heroic clear and pick up some upgrades.

On Friday we had our Frosties Friday Fun run and knocked out all the remaining guild achievements for Cataclysm raids.  We did Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds and Firelands on heroic and that was quite fun.  Then we attempted to redo our Throne of Thunder.  Going with a slightly lesser geared group made a big difference, and we could not do Horridon.  Also, having a real second tank might have helped too.  It doesn't matter though, there are plenty of Fridays left!

I still  like looking at Ragnaros's legs. I'm not sure why that is...

A number of Aza's friends from Caelestrasz moved over to our guild in the last couple of days.  First to come across was Ultrapwn, followed by Ama and Uq. It was interesting to have them here, because I know that it was because of them that Caelestrasz was one of the servers we considered moving to because of those guys.  However, we didn't go there in the end because we needed recruits and we would have gone to Cael to have those guys help us out on our raids.  We also had another new social member join, named Thohand who had applied via the Guild recruitment tab.  I must have accidentally turned that on because we are not recruiting.  Isn't it funny how people come when you're not recruiting but when you are recruiting the place is empty and quiet??  Anyway, he was a social member and seemed keen to find a home, so hopefully all of them will settle in nicely - gosh, so many new people lately, I think I'm the only one who can keep up with them all!  Luckily I have my blog to remind me who everyone is.

And when will this damn week end?  Not only did our raidIDs get wiped but armory is not working, neither is guild news or guild bank info.  I never realised how much I miss armory until now.  All the mail in my mailbox is from "Unknown" which at first freaked me out because I thought all my friends had left the guild or something. And Luxy lost all her item restores.  So the big WoW database is broken and I hope it gets fixed soon!


  1. I don't think it was just me who lost item restores, other people have mentioned it as well :(

    1. But you are the only person I know who lost them... though it could be just a database thing and might be fixed next week!

    2. Mal'Ganis had the same issues several weeks before, and the restores were never returned. I imagine people just haven't noticed yet that they lost them lol

  2. This week was a little odd on WoW with the servers going up and down all weekend long. I hope it's going to be okay now! And just dropped by your stream, but the chat application wouldn't load at all for me (I am registered). Just wanted to wish you guys luck on Siegecrafter!

    Hope you'll get to talk more to your fellow pet battler! I haven't had a chance to talk with other mount collectors (though at 236, my collection isn't really impressive. v_v; Must work harder!).

    1. Oh you dropped by? That would have been some ungodly hour for you! And I am sure the thought counts because we got it!

    2. Not really! I'm in Eastern Canada so it was roughly 7am - Not bad at all (I'm used to having to get up at 5am, haha). Hopefully I can get the chat to work next time!

      Grats on the kill! <3!


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