MrandMrsWoW's Community Project - 3 things I love in WoW

MrandmrsWoW sent me a tweet today asking me to participate in an idea of theirs:

A Community Project – I Need YOUR Help! 
I’m really tired of all the negativity about the game I love most, World of Warcraft, that’s rocking our community at the moment. EVERYWHERE I turn there’s someone moaning… forums, twitter, skype, in-game…. BAH.
So, here’s my solution, for which I need YOUR help. I would like to head a community project called: 
…or something.

What I propose is that we all list the top 3 things in Warcraft that we LOVE. The things that make us play the game. The events, places, achievements, battlegrounds… whatever it is that floats your boat. The more ideas we get the better – so many people haven’t heard or haven’t bothered with certain things because they don’t know (enough) about it. Let’s change that. Let’s give the community our joy of the game back.
What a wonderful idea! Firstly, I LOVE that somebody still loves WoW, because I sure as hell still do, even if people complain content is boring and old - and joining in with something that everyone who feels the same way as me is enough to put a smile on my face (and make me feel all warm and fuzzies!)

So, here are my top 3 things in Warcraft that I LOVE:

Number 3 - Dalaran
What, that old place? The place nobody goes to unless they want to do WotLK content?  Dalaran is not merely the city of magic - the place is MAGICAL!  It's full of wonderful little secrets and references - there are SO MANY pop culture references in that place (NPCs galore - there must be at least 15 I know of!) and every time I find a new one I get all squeee!  And then there are the hidden little things - have you had your shoes shined by Sheddle Glossgleam, or spoken to Windle Sparkshine after 9pm when he's finished lighting the lights of Dalaran and gotten Windle's Lighter so you can go around and light all the light's he's missed?

(see what I did there? I snuck in lots of things under the "Dalaran" heading so I could get more than 3 things out - tee hee!)

Number 2 - The execution of Ji Firepaw
Ok, I wouldn't call this a FAVOURITE and nor do I love it, but it is something that should be seen, maybe just once (and besides, I was going to make a blog post for it, but putting it in this post will do!).  After a false start, where we interrupted Aysa's death, the second time round we all sat and waited it out.  It is sad to watch, but most people will probably not see it unless they waited specifically for it.  And yes, you can see us heartless souls sitting on the hill watching the public execution...

Number 1 - My guild, Frostwolves
OK, this is corny! But I do love my guild in World of Warcraft.  My guild is my family and friends - I spend lots of time with them, I enjoy their company and I chat to just about every member in the guild.  I said to one of my guildies the other day (Cptsars) that I find it a little bit strange listening to people talk about all the different guilds they had been in because I had been in Frostwolves for so long, that I had forgotten what it was like to join a new guild (which actually, is not entirely true, because my low level alts are in other guilds and I do know the feeling of nobody knowing who you are and nobody speaking to you when you say hello in guild chat). I know not everyone in the guild feels this embarrassingly sappy emotion about the guild, because new people find it a little daunting trying to fit in (and even old members find it daunting, wondering who all these people are), and I always do my best to say hi to new people so they don't feel like nobody knows they are there.  They are the reason I enjoy the game as much as I do, and I know without them, I would not love the icing and sprinkles on this chocolate cake of a game that I love to play! Hugs all round!

I look forward to seeing the final list of what MrandMrsWoW come up with.  Maybe I'll find some new things to do before WoD! (Like I haven't already got enough to do...)  If anyone has a list of their 3 things to do before WoD, or 3 favourite things in game, leave a comment below so I can let MrandMrsWoW know that there are more than... 10 people in the world who still love WoW :)


  1. Ah I love the sentiment behind this post. Love of guild, love of the little things (light in Dalaran are indeed awesome), and the story.
    Thanks for putting up the Ji Firepaw ending, I had wondered what would happen but never got around to seeing it, I think the panda guilt would get to me hehe

    1. Thanks for visiting Gwen! Yes I am a bit sappy lol! And yeah if you only did lfr you might never see it - it needs a concerted effort.

  2. It's amazing to see the dedication you have for your guild. It's hard to find a good one and seeing someone putting so much heart in it is awesome :-)

    Btw, "The Filthy Animal" in Dalaran is my absolute favorite of all Horde inns. I regularly go back there just to hang out... hehe...

    1. Sisqi! Thanks for dropping by :)
      And yes that is a great inn :)

  3. hmmm i love community proiject can BLOG AZEROTH able to co host this would be really great too! be willing to participate! I love community projects!

    1. Mrandmrswow would love you to join in Amerence!

  4. Poor Ji :(
    Dalaran is definitely one of the best cities, I love the neat and polished upstairs and the "interesting" sewer downstairs.

    1. Poor Ji indeed :( I wondered if it was the same on Alliance, I heard that the raid is a little different there (Trash wise) but it seems the Ji death is the same.


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