Mountains and Molehills - Saurfang's raid lockouts WIPED

It turns out that last night's reset didn't just ruin our raid by cutting it short, it had a more interesting side effect....

... it reset all of our raid instances.

Nobody on Saurfang has any raid lockouts anymore.

Jazz was on a rampage.  "BLIZZ SUCKS!" she ranted in guild chat.  "I want to kill Blackfuse!"

I actually thought it was a gift.  Suddenly we can clear some heroics and get some gear again.. but then we had to find time to raid, which was a pain in the butt. I even thought about jumping into a pug and then using their lockout but there was plenty wrong with that as Luxy, Glow and Tacky pointed out.

  1. Once I'm in their lockout if they kill any bosses then I will be stuck being unable to kill any bosses.  I had thought I would go on a PuG with a group not as progressed as ours.  But Luxy pointed out that other people might have the same idea.
  2. Also it would be nasty of me to steal their idea, and clean up the bosses and leave them with nothing to do.  I don't want to be THAT nasty person.
  3. If other did pugs and then we all had diff IDs even though same bosses we may not be able to raid.
So there goes my idea.  Somebody said let's just do SoO on Friday.  But I have no desire to do extra raid days - I need my fun times!  Fun times means I can relax, take pictures, talk to people... Ebay on my second monitor....

Tacky suggested, multiple times (he had to say it a few times to break through Jazz's popcorn antics) that Sunday's raid lockout could be used to extend the heroics.  Which is a good idea, but I still feel like that's wasted loot.  I suppose the loot wasn't supposed to be there anyway, so it's not wasted, really.  However, I didn't want Sunday's raid group to feel like they had to push quickly through content so the heroic team could get their raid lockout.  It's their raid their pace, I don't want the second team to feel like the girl in Jodi Piccoult's book "My sister's keeper" where the younger sister feels like she's only there to keep the older sister alive, to supply the older sister with a kidney, bone marrow, whatever because she was born to be a donor compatible.

But the amount of conversation about it was funny.  And some embarrassing typos.  Tacky was explaining his idea, and instead of saying "Navi can join Group" he wrote "Navi can join groin".  To which I replied "NAVI CAN WHAT?" and lol's from the guild.  Poor Tacky :P

So it's decided then. Whatever Sunday gets up to, we will extend from there.  And nobody is allowed to PuG heroics in the meantime!  And Jazz needs to Keep Calm and Work on her Tito. :D


  1. Just need someone to kill Thok on normal, leave the normal raid, then share that save over. Easy.

    Typos aside, everything is good!

  2. Hey Navi, def sucks, honestly think if we didn't have the lag issues / reset last night we would have had him, 9% =(.
    If it comes up, happy to raid Fri - Mon to get us back there.


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