Minipost: Raiding - So close I can smell the fumes!

We were so excited tonight, maybe we'd get Blackfuse?  Maybe!

But alas, it was not meant to be.  However, it was definitely progress!

We were plagued with weird lag issues which affected Nath, Jazz and Drauka.  Server had a shutdown at 1045pm and it may have been to do with weird lag because those three weren't the only affected ones.

I'm STILL being an idiot and dying with laser.  Poor Nath and Lushen still occasionally die on belt.  I'm still trying to fine tune that first laser - I've been sprinting then stopping as the blade flies by then trying to sprint again and yet also heal myself... it's just been ugly. Jazz has been doing it great most of the time now - whoever gets it I've been throwing my lifebloom on them with an ironbark, not sure if it's helping but clipping laser is way better than getting a sawblade IMO.

Don't know what I'd do without Morz calling positions.  I have difficulty organising myself let alone anyone else.  And EPGP.  Not there was anything to loot.

Exray and Aza were upset and frustrated because they have the fight down pat, whereas the rest of us are trying to find our feet still.  However, we were SO close - we got a 5% wipe this time, which means just a little bit more good positioning and we will have it.  I did say that I wanted to do a guild Garrosh on Monday. If we get it down - no, WHEN we get it down - we will do Garrosh hopefully as a 25 man.  I hope there are no more connection problems on Monday and no server shutdowns!