I have Seeked ENOUGH Knowledge! No more Archaelogy for the rest of Pandaria!

I decided to knuckle down and do my archaeology because McTacky told me it wasn't too bad, and Cptsars was doing his as well - misery does love company!  Though I think I just had to be in the right MOOD to do archaelogy, and I was in the mood!

I had been sitting there with ONE to go for a long time, which was the Pristine Carved Bronze Mirror.  I was so happy to get it finally!

I was happy to knock out this one first, because then I could just focus on doing the mantid ones!  After that with the Mantid locator it was much easier, though still annoying waiting for my last pristine (which was Banner of the Mantid empire).

So here I am standing with my title (and looking around at all the pristine artifacts in the collection!).  I have handed in every single crated artifact for Tol'vir ones but still the bug mount eludes me!  Oh well, hopefully they'll have a setup like this in WoD so I can try again there - not doing any more digging this expansion!

So, my total diggings, before I got the achievements were:

Anatomical Dummy 1
Quilien Statue 1
Petrified Bone Whips 34
Terracotta Arms 30
Thunder King Insignias 30
Mogu Coins 22
Edicts of the Thunder King 21
Iron Amulets 32
Cracked Mogu Runestones 26
Warlords Branding Iron 29
Manacles of Rebellion 37
Worn Monument ledgers 26

Spear of Xuen 1
Umbrella of Chi-Ji 1
Apothecary Tins 35
Pearls of Yulon 22
Twin Stein Sets of Brewfather QuanTouKuo 23
Empty Kegs of Brewmaster XinWoYin 21
Pandaren Game Boards 22
Standards Of Niuzao 22
Walking Canes Of Brewfather RenYun 25
Pandaren Tea Sets 31
Carved Bronze Mirrors 22
Gold-Inlaid Porcelain Funerary Figurines 23

Sonic Pulse Generator 1
Mantid Sky Reaver 1
Remains of Paragons 32
Ancient Sap Feeder 27
Banners of the Mantid Empire 25
Inert Sound Beacon 23
Praying Mantids 29
Kypari Sap Containers 23
Pollen Collectors 28
Mantid Lamps 26


  1. Yowzah! Congrats all that treasure, Navi!

  2. Yay! Congrats. Your pristine displays looks amazing all filled in. You've inspired me to have another go at mine now that I have some time on my hands.

  3. Congratulations! Hope you like jumping puzzles :P
    (Don't worry, I already know your answer)

  4. Congrats! It's a really neat title! It can be such a pain to get that last missing pristine!
    I got this title a month ago or so while trying to get the Tol'vir mount --- so of course, the game just had to make sure I finished the Panda/Mogu achievement and then the Mantid one before allowing the mount to finally show itself, haha! Wondering what WoD will bring!

    1. Thanks! I am glad it's over - glad that's what end of expansion lulls are for, right? :D

  5. Congratulations! I know how happy you must be to be done with that. I'm still stuck at 6 and 3 I think for the Mantid. I just can't seem to do more than about 3 digs at one time. I'm beginning to think I might be coming back from WoD for these.

    1. Of all people, I thought an INSANE one like you would think this was easy stuff!

  6. Wow .. I have a way to go then ... I let my Archy lapse some time ago in lieu of more interesting things ... even fishing was more interesting, briefly :p I've just started up again when i saw all those empty achievements waiting to be completed ... :p

    1. Fishing is always interesting :D But yes the billions of achievements in archy are so tempting for pushing points.


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