Guildleader chores - People joining and people not joining

It's been a busy few weeks in Frostwolves.  With the collapse of Tastier there have been a lot of raider shifting around on Saurfang.  Vexil (James) and Souglyy rejoined the guild, though she is raiding X-realm on Jubei'thos still with Scruff's guild, Whorde (dreadful name!).  Glow and her hubby Shi joined the guild yesterday very quietly (yay!!!), and we had this new guy Kuro join with his friend Kel (both social).  Koda also joined with her husband Gunsnbowses.

However, I was disappointed that I could not get Alca and Una to join the guild.  When I logged on last week, a few people said to me that Exray had been urgently looking for me and to check my game mail.  Sure enough, there was an excited mail there saying that Alca and Una were looking for a guild and were happy to swap in and out, and to talk to them ASAP.  So I looked for them and was disappointed to see that they had already joined Big Natural Crits, another big guild on our server.  But I couldn't not try.

So I chatted to them both and asked them what they wanted to do about raiding, and whether they would like to come over, but understandably they had just joined BNC so they couldn't just leave since they just got there.  But I've always felt that they don't to come - after all, I've asked them so many times and they've been in between guilds a few times, the offer was open!  So I couldn't figure out if they just didn't like me or what... (edit: subsequently, I have been told by Asuna the reason may not be me, so perhaps I can feel a little better about  my body odour concerns).  However, there were good things about them joining, just as there were good things about them NOT joining, and the good thing about them not joining was that nobody had to sit out for them!

Then Exray had a friend of his join, Shou, who was very quiet but pleasant.  The poor guy is probably feeling a bit sheepish/anxious because his brother, whilst partied with him the other day, ran across Luxy and there was a Warbringer involved and there was much swearing with very ugly words (not from Luxy - she is the epitomy of politeness and never swears).  Luckily, I think it's all blown over... but that could be awkward for a while.

It's nice to see ranks puffing out, and it makes me wonder if we will have 20 goodplayers come 6.0.  I would dearly like to have Garrosh down before then so we can just relax in these new 20 mans and get to know how we mesh together as a raid group and iron out any issues,but only time will tell!


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