Frostwolves Friday Fun Run - Goofing around in Heroic Throne of Thunder

I have been wanting to do Heroic Throne of Thunder for AGES.  I look at Open Raid and on oQueue and I don't see many of those runs, and if there are any, the wait list is SOOO LONG (and they all say you need to have the achievement).  So I said I would do a run on Friday, and see who was on.

Surprisingly, there were lots of people online!  I had to drag Lushnek/Aimei away from the football, and get Sev online, but that wasn't too bad, and before you knew it, we had a full raid!  I was going to tank (in kitty) if Morz was going to heal, but Kahrax came along and so he tanked with Aimei.

So we had Aimei, Kahrax, Sevrus, Navi, Jazz, Nath, Tacky, Morz, Crooked and Drauka come along, and I said that we would do what we could and week by week we would extend and get them all down as a guild. I had only tried Jin'rokh once on heroic with a PuG, and the organising shaman was yelling at people but he was much less geared than myself and did not do any explanations - we wiped multiple times so people left. But I had a general gist of it, and was convinced my guildies could do it WAY easier.

So off we went to do Jin'rokh. There were some debuffs that could be dispelled but they did an AOE damage, and if you were standing in the water when it was dispelled that would be an instadeath!  I managed to kill half the raid by dispelling Sev.  After that, we decided no dispels and just burn and dodge the flying balls.  Jazz was not impressed with my description of flying balls.

Drauka had some experience with a couple of bosses on Heroic, and there was this extra pink add you had to punt away from you.  It didn't seem to be a problem.

Sul died so fast I didn't even realise he was dead.  To be honest, I can't remember the extra heroic mechanic other then you can't stack up with the same people because they get a debuff and then they won't share the damage anymore!  Morz died real quick from something though... maybe he was standing in quicksand...

Crooked told us to jump down the left side rather than head across and start the cinematic.  Not sure why... but I watched a few people jumping haphazardly down the hole before I asked for a nice gentle levitate. Then we saw these crystals around the room and we wondered what they were.  When you hit them you get a shield - OOOH that's cool!  So that's where the Malkorok mechanic came from!  We had to tell people to stop killing the crystals and then we had a few wipes as we figured out the kickers before we got that turtle down.

Extra purple head did something bad but I can't remember what, but healing was heavy for a bit as we ran around trying to remember how we did this boss.  Easy one to just smash it down and loosely adhere to mechanics.

I think Aimei had more deaths from Gary (the killer snails) than any of the fights in this instance so far.  Oh, and we got something I hadn't seen before!  A toy!

Not a pet, but a cool summonable snail that can fight for you!  Now if only it would one shot like all the other snails...

Could we DPS it and not worry about nest teams and getting those things that drop from the sky to increase our damage?  SURE we can!

The hardest fight for the night, but at least it wasn't too bad!  Mechanics were similar, except 3 red fogs with beams and if you don't find them all the raid goes boom!  Also there's a yellow one now that has to be killed ASAP!  And there is an ice wall that you have to get rid of otherwise the maze would be utter POOP!  The most wipes of the night were on this boss, but we got it at the end of the night wewt!

I think everyone had fun - I certainly did!  And of course lots of achievements don't hurt :P  


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    1. Well next friday will be extending and seeing if we can finish!

  2. I found out what the snail does, and yes, it can one-shot some mobs ... heh heh heh ...

  3. I can't wait to see how Dark Animus goes ;)

    1. It will be ugly I bet! Dps trying to control themselves? Not gonna happen.


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