Where Big Mother Navimie need not have worried about the Puppies after all

The first official Frostwolves second raid kicked off yesterday and some silly anxious and overprotective guild leader got online to try to make sure things were running well.  I had put the two "Rays" in charge - Exray and Dragonray.  And then I worried that they wouldn't play nicely so I asked Morz and Jazz to keep an eye on them all and make sure people did not fight.

"Stop worrying, it will be FINE," said Jazz.

"I'll watch the kids," said Morz.

I wondered why there was nobody online at 7:30pm and thought to myself that this raid is not happening!!! The people who were online nonchalantly informed me that the raid was starting at 8:30pm... as it said on the raid invite that I sent out. Oh. Oops. Well, that left me with an hour to put the kids to bed!

Next thing I knew it was almost 10pm... accidentally fell asleep putting my son to bed (like that doesn't happen much)!  So I logged on and saw that they were in Siege of Orgrimmar, which was good, and there were a number of people sitting around various places.  I asked Jazz and Morz if they were behaving but they were AFK, and then I sent a tell to Dragonray as well.

Though if I had looked in my mailbox (and my twitter) I would have seen this message:

15 people wanting to raid!!!!! FIFTEEN NAVINAV!!!!!! what the f**k?????

And she and I were worried nobody would want to come.

Then all the people I had sent anxious questions to all replied at once.  The raid was running well.  Everyone was playing nicely together.  People were sitting out from bosses they didn't need loot from and letting others swap in, so there was a bit of musical chairs going on.  So far, every boss was one shot, and the longest part of the fights was the explanations at the beginning.  I even jumped into Vent to listen, and they were all having a good time, which was really great to hear.  I was so happy, so proud of my guildies and also feeling slightly guilty that I was treating them like children when clearly they are all adults.

Exray told me later that there were some gems in that raid. I thought he meant that there were some hilariously silly people, but in fact he said some of them could probably sub into heroic raids or even help round out our Mythic raid.  Now that was great news!  I had to tell Battousaix not to hit DE on stuff, just greed or pass, any unwanted loot would be put into the guild bank as pretty little shards.  I think he was a little surprised at that, but people don't know until you tell them.  Kahrax was pretty excited to raid I think, and Ayelena was also quite happy to be able to go as well.  So Nath was tanking on his DK, Exray was on Skullbanner, Morz and Jazz were on their shamans.  The other raiders were Dragonray, Ayelena, Kahrax, Cptsars, Battousaix, Dontmountme, Drauka, Haevela, Crooked.  Luxy and Tacky turned up too, I think but didn't raid, and Lom didn't bother getting on because there were so many people.

Dragonray will have a post on it later, so I will be able to read all about the nitty gritty, but I am relieved, pleased and thrilled that everyone had fun, and that my fears were unfounded after all that!


  1. One time, when I'm ready, I'd like to go to one of these. I was wondering if you were worried Navi! It's good that they all worked together!

    1. I'm sure when you're ready they will get you in for some early bosses!

  2. A second raid team! That is absolutely fantastic, Navi! To think that when Disco and I left Alice Springs 10 months ago that you guys were having trouble even pooling the one team together, to now having two healthy teams in what is usually the toughest time to ogranise events is simply phenomenal! It's a testament to your skills as a GM and the wonderful people you've enlisted to help.

    High five! :-)

    1. Awww Neri <3 I am really happy with the way the guild is settling at the moment and OMG I keep wondering how your pregnancy is going!

    2. Five weeks to go! That's one of the downsides to finding out so ridiculously early that I am knocked up, it seems like I've been pregnant forever! :P

  3. I really enjoyed myself and I'm looking forward to next Sunday. BTW, with the 2 upgrades I got, Ayelena is now the best geared demonology lock on Saurfang for both ally and horde (according to WOW Heroes). I drop quite a bit when you bring in the other lock classes, but hey, I'm happy with that.


  4. Oh I'd love to try this out! Depending on what time you guys start / go till?? My hunter is 573, I think, as of last week :)

    1. Hello Alexandrina! Thank you for visiting! Unfortunately our normal and heroic raid teams are guildies only (and it's so full too!) but our Flex is open to all on Saturdays - your hunter sounds super geared so probably doesn't need Flex but feel free to drop by for some fun and BoA's on a Saturday night (Australian Eastern standard time) :)


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